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Four strong people respectfully,Implement that it is gone to the void。

Just after the four strong people disappeared,Two figure,One is weak,Standing there is like a mountainous mountain,Immortal,Twiddle scarlet。 Another shadow carrys horrible suffocation,It’s like the royal pedestrian in the nine.,Face ugly。 “Two people come。” Not dead, huge hostess,I have gone out of a long figure.,The owner of this shadow is not dead.,Not dead emperor,Terrible breath flows […]

“I can let you down.?”Lin Fengfeng’s incarnation:“Seven days,Brother started Nirvana,Seven days later directly Nirvana,Impact to the hierarchy of Jiuzhong。”

Tell this,Golden big snake,Tiger King,The evil tocade can’t help but a sentence,This is too big.。 “The Sakyamino is also seven days and seven nights.。”Tiger:“You are also seven days and seven nights?” “Sakyami,I can。”Lin Feng Phoenix Inspected Protest Road:“What’s more, I have a gasification three clear?,I practice a day,Equivalent to someone practitioners for three days,For more […]


Peach blossom,No need to worry about food and clothing,。 After the day is comfortable,Chen Linzhi is full of new life,Last year, he was still squatting.,Resentful, thinking about how you will encounter this file。 Take a look now,Replace the face to reach the world,Undoubtedly a rare lucky。 Private equity fund business suspension,The task of the employees […]

Wried to the sky,Several jumping came to the side of this car,The door was opened to Heaven,Dranky to Tiannan,Because it is not sitting in the car, not the Niterni Gate,But a middle-aged woman。

Staring to Tiannan at the license plate of this Mercedes,Suddenly I found this license plate problem。 There is a sleeve tummer on the license plate.,The gun tip is nailed with a license plate.,The staple license plate is the license plate of the Mercedes-Benz opened by the Niger.。 And these two Mercedes-Benz are the same。 “be […]

Zhou Ye I nodded,One hand pinned the bell shape of the stethoscope in the white big pocket,“director,I have finished waiting for the return value to you.。”

return? Chen Riyuan suddenly felt that this little doctor was very polite.。 He waved,It is quite meaningful:“Don’t give me any more,These are those medicinal delivery,You have no use for me.。” Zhou Ye has changed this time,Pharmaceutical matter,He probably knows a lot。 Pharmaceutical,As the name suggests is the representative of pharmaceutical companies,To put it bluntly, it […]

“I said Lao Gu,As for,Not just a bottle of wine!”

“Too much,This is a century-old puree,I personally got it back from Maotai Town a hundred years ago,At that time, the Chishui River was not polluted at all,The brewed wine is mellow,Is it comparable to now,Is one bottle less than one bottle!” Chen Xiu pouted and said:“I know it’s good wine,You can’t collect more than a […]

This person is the old man of the penalty of the punishment.,According to the generation, there is no this day.,However, this person has changed himself.,Named old old。

The fourth plane came out of a monk.,This monk is burly,Like anger,Body with a majestic color,This person is the mysterious master of the Shaoshan Mountain,Chief Executive,Less room mountain name,The status of this person is not the same.。 The people led by four people walked down the plane.。 “Goddess,You are getting more and more local,Day,You are […]

Can see the future world,Can also go back to the past world,This is the most proud capital of Big Eyeball,In its view,Only such ability can be called skill,No matter how powerful other magical techniques are, they are not worthy of exposure,Especially free world,Outrageously backward,Tianzun is nothing but you。

If it is not the proof of the Holy Spirit,And this guy has repeatedly shown incredible abilities,Juveniles absolutely do not believe,Now what he has to face is such a strong ability,And the guy who had a deep relationship with him。 This guy wants to change him,Obviously malicious,Young people can’t show special targeting and hostility,Big eyes […]

“Forest president,this,Can you still?,You also know that it is important,This is impossible to launch with your mobile phone.,In case it is leaked.,Isn’t it a heavy loss??”Master explanation。

“What else is there?。”Lin Feng heard the words,His handy magic knife knife broke out,The horrible knife is directly swept to the figure of the master。 “Do not!” I have made a desperate sound in the throat of the master.。 Face this terrible knife,He felt the breath of death,This knife,There is no one in the world.,He […]

Li Li Mingliang now suddenly some understand why the wind has been with people who are game,Never had real strength of the RCC。

Lee has been the wind because the hearts of the more traditional kind,Everything is fair and fair。 Originally, he wanted Lee also reported wind things up,But now he feels necessary to conceal it.。 But for his family,He did not want to hide。 Lee can have such a strong wind strength friend,Whether for yourself or family,That […]