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“Forest president,this,Can you still?,You also know that it is important,This is impossible to launch with your mobile phone.,In case it is leaked.,Isn’t it a heavy loss??”Master explanation。

“What else is there?。”Lin Feng heard the words,His handy magic knife knife broke out,The horrible knife is directly swept to the figure of the master。 “Do not!” I have made a desperate sound in the throat of the master.。 Face this terrible knife,He felt the breath of death,This knife,There is no one in the world.,He […]

Li Li Mingliang now suddenly some understand why the wind has been with people who are game,Never had real strength of the RCC。

Lee has been the wind because the hearts of the more traditional kind,Everything is fair and fair。 Originally, he wanted Lee also reported wind things up,But now he feels necessary to conceal it.。 But for his family,He did not want to hide。 Lee can have such a strong wind strength friend,Whether for yourself or family,That […]

Unexpectedly, He Ziqi is also a lobbyist,I smile faintly:“From my perspective,You are not mature enough to leave here,The first is the fuel life issue,Then there is the route problem,I don’t recommend you to go,Su Mei insists on leaving,I can’t do it。“

He Ziqi sighed:”I know Brother Zhao, you won’t help us,Actually you don’t know,Sister Su Mei always thought you were going with her,I didn’t expect you to be so affectionate。“Just finished,He Ziqi turned around and left。 I want to distinguish a few words,But I can’t say what I say,I had to watch Ziqi disappear into the […]

What the hell is this bastard doing?Is he acting in a costume play??I almost got my jaw dropped by this scene。

I was surprised,Suddenly saw Wang Jun turning into a red shadow,I rub!Is this bastard hung up the accelerator?? In a daze,A sudden surge of air,That guy actually appeared on the grass three meters away in front of me,Those savages who couldn’t dodge were shaken out by the air wave,Looks like they look very jealous,Retreating with […]

Although he has no script,But the same,This has also become a feast of free display。

He can act according to his wishes。 In the next time,No one will question what decision he makes。 Because the rules are uncertain,No one can control him。 not to mention,Since he was brought by the villain to fulfill his wish,Then the former villain must have encountered a huge failure in the process of this display,That […]


If it’s not a woman in love,,IQ is negative,otherwise,All men have to be cool。</P> </P> Su Luo pretended to be calm,Tao:“is it?My voice is normal as you heard it,I am a singer after all,Maybe you have heard my song,So I feel familiar。”</P> </P> babyWave hand:“That’s different。”</P> </P> She stared at Su Luo’s profile,A glimmer of […]

This text message was sent by Tang Ze to ask Officer Takagi to help,To deal with this moment。

He knew,After the case is resolved,Conan and Hattori Heiji will definitely ask him,So I have already figured out the verbal strategy to deal with。 Conan and Hattori Heiji on the side heard Tang Ze’s actions,Fell into a long silence。 Missing information,Naturally unable to make a more accurate judgment,It is inevitable。 And this case,Let them realize […]

My memory ends here abruptly!

Thinking back to this terrible picture,I still have lingering fears,Ouyang watched me stay silent,So I asked:”Brother Zhao,What is your opinion?“ I woke up,Took a look at Ouyang:”I think your view is far-fetched,I don’t think the island observer has any connection with the shipwreck,But you said someone deliberately caused the passenger ship to sink,I think this […]


Just in the aftermath of the wave,Sweeping to the red and black。 As the protagonist influencing both sides,I am looking at the panel and eager to try,As for why,Then naturally it’s a lottery!! Although I didn’t get any item rewards this time,It’s an opportunity to increase the chance of daily skill acquisition and500Fate point。 But […]

“none of your business…”Mouri Kogoro turned his head impatiently when he heard the words,But I didn’t expect to see Tang Ze,Can’t help but be surprised:“why you?”

———— First110chapter Chance encounter【Ask for recommendation~】 Facing the astonishment of Kogoro Mori,Tang Ze rolled his eyes anger。 What is me,It’s like I can’t be in this place。 I still want to say how it is you,I can meet you when I come out to a banquet。 And now that I met Kogoro Mouri,…Is that far […]