Month: June 2021

After some wrangling,Kamata Kohei lost everything,Got the punishment。

Hongshang dance clothes,Although I refused the hospital’s retention and left my job,But Tang Ze still let the boss of the detective company use contacts,Introduced him to work in a private hospital with a good relationship。 After all, I created a detective company,Much better than the private detective agency of three or two big cats and […]

“Of course,Have always been a fan,We all think Mr. Ace is tall and handsome,This is the first time I know about being low,If you let the fans know,I’m afraid everyone will be disappointed。”

Speaking of which,Ai Sisha was a little lost:“After I knew the news,The first reaction is not to believe,So after I went home after dinner,Finally couldn’t help but ran back,I want to take a peek at Mr. Ace outside,But who knew that something like that happened…” And after Tang Ze on the side listened to the […]

Although he has no script,But the same,This has also become a feast of free display。

He can act according to his wishes。 In the next time,No one will question what decision he makes。 Because the rules are uncertain,No one can control him。 not to mention,Since he was brought by the villain to fulfill his wish,Then the former villain must have encountered a huge failure in the process of this display,That […]

Tang Ze compiled the love report:“The deceased Shangcun was a chief inspector at the nearby exchange,The normal patrol route should be followed last night,Patrol on a bicycle。

According to the judgment of the scene,Shangcun should be when passing the overpass,I heard the singing of Christmas songs on the bridge,Then go up to the sky bridge to check。 After,When he squatted on the ground to check the radio,The prisoner appeared from behind with a forty caliber pistol,Kill him with a shot in the […]

Since getting small,He accidentally learned the heart of the girl next to him,But he couldn’t respond。

So when he changed back to Kudo Shinichi,Naturally cherish all this。 Fortunately,Today is the first day after the school festival ends,Although it was cleaning the endgame of the school festival before,But also a lot of time to get along。 At least than wasting most of the time in class,Only those ten minutes of get out […]


Yoona’s portable skirt,With a bright smile on his face,Walked straight towards the courtyard。</P> </P> When I saw Su Luo,Yoona was obviously stunned.,Then came to him and stood still,Cover your mouth and laugh,In some crappy Chinese:“Unexpected,You wear period costume,Pretty handsome。”</P> </P> Su Luo smiled,Head tilted,Lower your voice:“You too,Beautiful fairy。”</P> </P> To avoid being heard by others,Su […]

I stand in the wooden house,My face was painful by the violent mountain breeze that came in,Look around the room,The candle was quickly blown out by the swirling mountain wind,Return to darkness and silence,I am full of doubts,Who built this wooden house??Did someone live here before??

———— Chapter Fifty One Iron box secret To the woodpile by the black iron stove,I found a fine wood to light it in the fire,Then light up the candle on the table,The cozy view of the wooden house is as if dreaming,I feel that these are too unreal。 I searched the cabin carefully,I found a […]


This scream,Shocked the two,Reba is like a frightened rabbit,Push Su Luo away,Stand up blushing,Panicked:“I,I’m going for a rest。”</P> </P> Finish,Hurried back to the house。Su Luo helpless,Beautiful woman is gone,Stay here by yourself,It’s useless。</P> </P> “Yeah!”</P> </P> Sister clutching her knocked forehead,Staring at him furiously,Tao:“Why are you hitting me?”</P> </P> Su Luo casually said:“this late,Don’t sleep […]


If it’s not a woman in love,,IQ is negative,otherwise,All men have to be cool。</P> </P> Su Luo pretended to be calm,Tao:“is it?My voice is normal as you heard it,I am a singer after all,Maybe you have heard my song,So I feel familiar。”</P> </P> babyWave hand:“That’s different。”</P> </P> She stared at Su Luo’s profile,A glimmer of […]

“Do you know Mai Fan?Just the power index and level you initially showed,It’s impossible to access such core content。”

“but now,You are the owner of this tavern,Then the situation is different。” “Without our people groping here in place,Your tavern is likely to become our intelligence point and logistics base in the supply station。” “So as the only operator here,You will have greater authority。” “And some information we know now,I can share it with you […]