Month: July 2021


Sang Sang is here,The voice just now was……,The cold sweat instantly wetted the back。</P> </P> Strong sense of survival,Let Su Luo’s mind come to light,Change course immediately:“Of course I can’t choose one,I already have a girlfriend,in my heart,She is the most perfect。”</P> </P> Fat Di couldn’t help showing a sweet smile,Tao:“Dear,In my heart you are […]

“Know it…”Xiaolan saw her father’s courtesy,Replied with a drooping face。

“Started again…”Conan and Tang Ze looked at each other,Speechless。 I look like a wretched uncle when I see beautiful women,It’s really a disadvantage。 But there is a client,The two did not demolish Mouri Kogoro’s station,Tang Ze is also waiting for the other party to explain the situation,Want to see if it will trigger the case。 […]

Love begets hate,The love against Yoko Okino turned into despair and hatred at that moment,So he thought of this kind of revenge。

And then in the agent’s confession,Ms. Yoko finally learned that the name of Tengjiang, who had thrown away her, was only at the request of her agent Eiichi to break up with him.。 And the diary searched in the room,Recorded his troubles and misses that he could not forget after breaking up。 Lie、A tragedy of […]

Ouyang was taken aback by my thoughts:“Brother, don’t be so stupid!What time is it now,You still believe in a woman?”

I must stick to this idea,I must see Chu Hong,I want to see if she will perform in front of me。 But now the trouble is,Guo Jinhai has found out that she has found me,He must strictly monitor Chu Hong,It is estimated that Chu Hong is not meeting with me because he is afraid of […]

that’s it,Four eyes facing each other,The state of speechlessness lasted till the evening,Chu Hong hugs her legs,Curled up into a ball,The whole person loses vitality,Like a dead dog,to be frank,See her like this,I don’t feel like it。

think carefully,Can understand her,Finally saw the hope of leaving here,In a flash, despair came,I can only think about it now,How to survive on this island。 to be frank,It’s hard for me to survive on this island,I am a rural child,Grew up in the mountains,Catching birds in the forest,Stream fishing,Digging traps on the animal trail,Climb the […]

“An old cadre died,Land today,They are here to mourn”I looked at him differently。

“How did you know,Didn’t you come with me?” Looked at him and said awkwardly“Oh,Hehe my ears are good,Heard。” “That’s great too,Alas, people die like a lamp,Is there nothing left after death??” “Will not,Xiaofan always thinks that the soul of people after death。They go to the soul world。” ———— Chapter two What is lost will be […]

something,Even if you know it may be the truth,But also to investigate,And come up with more convincing evidence,And run for it until it is confirmed.。

After all,Find the button in the parking lot,I think that was a clue left by Hattori Heiji,That depends on Tang Ze’s knowledge of Hattori Heiji。 He knew that a detective at the level of Hattori Heiji,Even if caught,I will definitely try my best to leave clues。 Especially when he is there,Even more so。 Just think […]

“This is really dangerous,Conan,Don’t be so messy next time。”Tang Ze takes out the handcuffs,Arrest Abetoyo,Smiling and looking at the panned drum washing machine。

“Tang Ze Criminal!you…Why are you here…Do not,when did you come?”How can Conan look calmly reasoning before now?,Stammering question。 “Have been there since the beginning。”Tang Ze took a breath,Pulled Abe Feng from the ground,Calmed down for a while。 to be frank,This is the first time he has fought with someone as an adult,And the opponent is […]

Unexpectedly, He Ziqi is also a lobbyist,I smile faintly:“From my perspective,You are not mature enough to leave here,The first is the fuel life issue,Then there is the route problem,I don’t recommend you to go,Su Mei insists on leaving,I can’t do it。“

He Ziqi sighed:”I know Brother Zhao, you won’t help us,Actually you don’t know,Sister Su Mei always thought you were going with her,I didn’t expect you to be so affectionate。“Just finished,He Ziqi turned around and left。 I want to distinguish a few words,But I can’t say what I say,I had to watch Ziqi disappear into the […]

This voice is definitely Su Mei undoubtedly!

”Who is here?!“ Shocked,No one looks around,Only the flowers and leaves on the flower pond are swaying by the wind! I heard it right!That’s Su Mei’s voice!I rub!This auditory hallucination is too powerful!Giant reality!I looked around in panic,Really scared by this auditory hallucination。 ”Giggle,You stupid!Life is pretty good!“ Su Mei’s voice rang again,But this time […]