Month: October 2021

“I can let you down.?”Lin Fengfeng’s incarnation:“Seven days,Brother started Nirvana,Seven days later directly Nirvana,Impact to the hierarchy of Jiuzhong。”

Tell this,Golden big snake,Tiger King,The evil tocade can’t help but a sentence,This is too big.。 “The Sakyamino is also seven days and seven nights.。”Tiger:“You are also seven days and seven nights?” “Sakyami,I can。”Lin Feng Phoenix Inspected Protest Road:“What’s more, I have a gasification three clear?,I practice a day,Equivalent to someone practitioners for three days,For more […]

The issue is,Her spiritual position is here!

Died a long time ago。 Is it possible that Li Yunzi has any psychic spells?? “Hey,Your dying daughter……Why did you sleep drunk,Are you paying homage to your dead wife and daughter like this?!”Zhu Minglang looked back at Li Ying,Roll your eyes suddenly。 This spiritual position,Is it fake。 The prophet named Xinghua is not dead,Hiding somewhere […]

But gradually,The yellow dog is getting soy sauce,After a long time, I haven’t smelled any demon heads,Barking several times,Then ran all the way,I didn’t see anything。

I wish Minglang will have a headache,Just based on the number of hunting hoops they currently have,It is basically impossible to stand out in this hunting event,I can’t get the blood of the dragon’s essence。 “Barking!!!!!” The yellow dog beast screamed again,This time the call is very loud,Seems to have the firmness of a good […]

she does not know,How to stimulate the spring,Why do you suddenly do this?。

But I want to come to the three generations. I have angered the spring.。 Spring, watch an anxious,The anger of the heart dissipates a little。 Doing this does not give a teacher face,However, he will not let him go.。 “Ok,teacher,I give you a face.”Spring hit a referring。 Two elders instantly restore awake。 See the journey […]


Peach blossom,No need to worry about food and clothing,。 After the day is comfortable,Chen Linzhi is full of new life,Last year, he was still squatting.,Resentful, thinking about how you will encounter this file。 Take a look now,Replace the face to reach the world,Undoubtedly a rare lucky。 Private equity fund business suspension,The task of the employees […]

I woke up and found that I was already tied to a chair.。

His first reaction is—— Doggy day,This group of Japans finally got off the hope of his Korean Go.!Directly used the physical means! I am planning to shouting with physical means. What is good?,There is a kind of time to win on the chessboard,Icy sound suddenly came:“you’re awake?” An Yongxin looked up,This person found that this […]

“could not find it,The monster seemed to disappear suddenly,Maybe I ran away long ago……”

Jingpu nodded slightly,Let go,No matter what,Just leave the monster,In this case,So you don’t have to worry about it。 Looking at the white rabbit in Lingju’s arms,Jingpu is the curious way: “this is?” Speaking of this rabbit,Lingju smiled sweetly and handed it to Jingpu.: “Found on the way back,Trapped by a hunter’s clip,See it cute,I took […]

According to them, they learned from Shennun.,There are not many people in the country.,They have integrated into other countries,I even forgot my identity.,There is no powerful person。

And Shennong is just a good luck to find this remains.,And try to revive the ambition of the country。 And he also got some power in the remains.,Zero tail。 Spring did not expect zero tail existence,But just the body.,Do not have forces。 Just relying on the point of Shennong, there is no way to meet […]

First136chapter Lead the fight

The place in the imperial capital is big,But there is a benefit。 That’s never lacking such an extremely uneducated person,Sometimes when I feel gloomy,Can bump into one or two,I feel more comfortable! “Bang!!!!!!!” A loud bang of the bronze bell spread throughout the central city of the imperial capital,For a while, those who came to […]

Wried to the sky,Several jumping came to the side of this car,The door was opened to Heaven,Dranky to Tiannan,Because it is not sitting in the car, not the Niterni Gate,But a middle-aged woman。

Staring to Tiannan at the license plate of this Mercedes,Suddenly I found this license plate problem。 There is a sleeve tummer on the license plate.,The gun tip is nailed with a license plate.,The staple license plate is the license plate of the Mercedes-Benz opened by the Niger.。 And these two Mercedes-Benz are the same。 “be […]