Day: October 13, 2021

A big praying mantis appeared under the cloud,Can stand proudly in the wind without wings,The knife man ignored the convoy that came slowly in the distance,The right arm like a big knife slowly stretches out and points to the sky,Suddenly feel the strangeness on the top of my head,As if the air and clouds are shaking,I immediately noticed that something very weird was swept from top to bottom at high speed。

Not asuka,Because this thing is too big,And lifeless,Amazing speed,No wonder I didn’t find out in advance,The big mantis suddenly remembered something that Zifeng’s said,It’s also a weapon made by Fansheng,what do you say that is? “Swordsman,The drone appeared,Just above you。”Zifeng, who was ambushing at another far place, informed the swordsman with divine knowledge,But just finished,He […]