Just in the aftermath of the wave,Sweeping to the red and black。 As the protagonist influencing both sides,I am looking at the panel and eager to try,As for why,Then naturally it’s a lottery!! Although I didn’t get any item rewards this time,It’s an opportunity to increase the chance of daily skill acquisition and500Fate point。 But […]

“it is good,Leave it to you。”The boss looked at Clapper Road:“in previous years“Chief of Police for a Day”Activities continue as usual,You are responsible for this new plan,What do you need you to come to me directly,I will let people give you the greatest support。”

Talking, the boss patted Yuehua on the shoulder of Sihuayuan,Looking around at the people who bow their heads meaningfully:“Don’t stress,Even if the effect is not good, it is better than doing nothing。” Finished this sentence,The heads of the people around are lower and deeper,The big man snorted when he saw this, got up and left。 […]

“indeed,Suspicions are magnified a little bit,If Xiaolan is really suspicious,Then I’m a little bit out of style,Doesn’t match the behavior of elementary school students,Will magnify in her eyes。”

Tang Ze looked at Conan and complained:“And I’m not surprised even if you are suspected。 Daily life,But when you happen to be a case,It’s violent everywhere! Encountered a murder,Normal elementary school students are scared and crying,There is no one like you,Don’t cry and run away,Even scouring the body。 Just go up,Prevaricate the past with the […]

“Could it be that the murderer is.”After listening to the other party,Henggou Senwu took another look at the crumpled photo that was already held by the deceased,When looking at Chi Bo Jinghua,The suspicion on his face became more obvious。

No wonder Henggou Enlightenment will react like this,After all, it is something the deceased tried to grasp before he died,It is easy to think of whether this is the death message for the deceased to correct the prisoner before his death。 ———— First250chapter Traces of the right palm “Bridge Bean Sack!” Seeing the atmosphere became […]

“But how do i remember,Just the dog head race,Is it a special ethnic group that can only have one offspring in a lifetime??”

“Because of this feature,Their race is equivalent to a cherished race that is dying in the universe.?” “I am already surprised to see their deal here,What i see now?Behind this kobold,There are a few cubs who are not his offspring?” Why is the kobold species so thought of? Mai Fan looked at him before he […]

Tang Ze is no exception,I bought the cake, everyone cut it in the office and ate it,I’m busy all year round,Take a break from your busy schedule。

Everyone is an adult,I don’t have too much time to live home,Coupled with the particularity of the job,The friendship between colleagues is also very deep,Unlike other general companies,Intrigue all day long。 That night,Because there is no work,So everyone in the third department gets off work early,After solving dinner together,Tang Ze set off to the opera […]


Officer Jing and Feng Xiaoju left and right,I looked at Mai Fan in the middle。 Mai Fan made a quiet gesture with his hand,When he came here, his brain jumped suddenly,He can guarantee,The place they want to find is behind this wall。 But here is an empty wasteland,Nothing at all。 Mai Fan with squinted eyes,Automatically […]

“none of your business…”Mouri Kogoro turned his head impatiently when he heard the words,But I didn’t expect to see Tang Ze,Can’t help but be surprised:“why you?”

———— First110chapter Chance encounter【Ask for recommendation~】 Facing the astonishment of Kogoro Mori,Tang Ze rolled his eyes anger。 What is me,It’s like I can’t be in this place。 I still want to say how it is you,I can meet you when I come out to a banquet。 And now that I met Kogoro Mouri,…Is that far […]

Arrested the remaining robber group members,I found the gold coin hidden by the other leader,Tang Ze has done a great job including searching the three elements,But it also made Tang Ze not receive a job for a week.。

No one wants to help,After all, if you finish your work,,Have to grab someone’s work,Even if you are kind, you will be hated。 to be frank,I still pay attention to these on the neon side,Especially in the current economic downturn,Everyone tried their best to express themselves,Don’t want to sit on a cold bench。 No one […]

“Naninani!!How is this going!”Mouri Kogoro watched the two suddenly fighting and some inexplicable dealings:“Don’t fight,Isn’t it just hitting someone?,Can i apologize!!”

“He is wanted!!”Tang Ze yelled immediately,“help!” Hear this,Asama’s struggle is even crazier,He slammed his head against Tang Ze’s face behind him,At the same time, his right elbow was severely chiseled behind him。 But because of the disadvantages, Asama can organize a counterattack,How could Tang Ze not move?。 When he pressed it on the wall,Know that […]