“My colleagues admire it。”

“If it weren’t for reporter Mai to be sharp,We may not find such a special suspect。”
Is a female police officer?
Mai Fan accepted the other party’s compliment with a little embarrassment,Then I raised the question I had already had in my mind。
“Who was that person yesterday,Why is it so weird。”
“People with crosses in the photos he posted……Still alive?”
“Is this a somewhat special serial murder case??”
“Or,This is actually a gang,Organized crime at the same time all over the world。”
“How much information does the police have about this case?Can you tell us?”
“Why do I feel from these clues,It seems that many similar cases have happened around us,But the public has no idea about it。”
“Or this kind of special case……Have been released and handled by the police in accordance with ordinary case methods。”
“The arrest of this crazy man,Does it mean that the incident is understood??”
“Does he have any other accomplices?Will our arrest cause more subsequent retaliation??Will the revenge of his accomplices cause great harm to the lives of the masses??”
Mai Fan asked many questions to the smiling police officer like a cannon。