“But how do i remember,Just the dog head race,Is it a special ethnic group that can only have one offspring in a lifetime??”

“Because of this feature,Their race is equivalent to a cherished race that is dying in the universe.?”
“I am already surprised to see their deal here,What i see now?Behind this kobold,There are a few cubs who are not his offspring?”
Why is the kobold species so thought of?
Mai Fan looked at him before he left,Kobolds who have returned to their original state。
It’s like liquid water,Doesn’t have any original appearance。
Its body size,Are all changed according to their own ideas。
If it is on the battlefield,Do not,Is anywhere,This creature is the best candidate for a spy。
If their race is not strong enough,Then this ethnic group is very likely to become a tool of other races。
This is where it hides,Secretly use one’s racial nature,The reason for relying on intelligence to survive。
Does this mean,I have an obscure intelligence trading station。
And this trader,It’s kind of honest?
Click,Kobold’s door is closed。