of course,Although it’s not very polite,But I can’t hide what I care about。

“╭(╯^╰)╮Humph!Who he saw the ski tutorial at midnight,Never listen。”Huiyuan on the side snorted softly,“Are all this old,Don’t stay up late if you have poor physique。”
“I got it!Know it!”
Dr. A Li couldn’t help but smiled bitterly when facing the two:“I just want to give you a demonstration when skiing today,Be an example as an adult。”
“We have Tangze Criminal Association to teach us。”Mitsuhiko doesn’t appreciate it:“Doctor, you obviously don’t have to work so hard。”
“Tang Zejun is not good at skiing。”Dr. A Li couldn’t help refuting this,“When I chatted before,He also said that Miss Ayako taught him。”
“Speaking of,Why isn’t Ayako here??”Bu Mei looked at Tang Ze and said regretfully:“If only Ayako was there,Then she can teach us skiing。”
“Yep,Actually I didn’t call her。”Tang Ze smiled and said:“I also want to practice secretly,Let her surprise her next time。”
“Turned out to be like this!”Bu Mei’s eyes lit up,Immediately encourage Tang Zedao:“Tang Ze, the criminal will have to work hard!”
“But I thought this kind of thing,Only our kids can do it…”Mitsuhiko could not help but speak when he heard the other person。
“what,I know,Said in the TV series!”Genta showed off when he heard Mitsuhiko’s words:“So-called“Men and women in love are fools”,I’m talking about the current situation!”
“Yep,Makes sense。”Mitsuhiko nodded with a big devil,“So an adult,To do such a childish thing。”
Heard the conversation between two little ones,Tang Ze couldn’t help but a black line。
I just made an excuse,How come it is like this?
Glancing at the gloating Conan and the smirking Huihara,Tang Ze rubbed his head vigorously with one hand,He looked at Yuanta in an angry way:“What do you guys know,I am an interaction between adult couples!”
“OK OK,Almost seated。”Dr. Ari on the side saw another person on the bus,Quickly let the noisy little ones sit in their seats。
“Hey.”Conan holding his head,Sitting on the seat with a bored look。