Because Kogoro Mouri is angry,After all, because of Shinichi,Almost implicated Xiaolan in danger。

Although the murderer was caught early,But remembering that the prisoner wanted to avenge Kudo Shinichi,Implicated his daughter as bait,So he couldn’t help being afraid,But also very angry。
But it is impossible for this anger to vent to the captured Moriya Teji,So Kogoro Mori said that he was worried about safety,Refusal to let my pakchoi be close to Shinichi recently,So as not to encounter danger。
It’s a lesson for that arrogant kid,Outlet evil!
But,Tang Ze always feels that Kogoro Moori is taking the opportunity to stop his cabbage,Run to and“Gong Caizhu”Watch a midnight movie together…
In case not coming back tonight…that is not…Cough…
Ok,Beware of Kogoro Mori“Gong Caizhu”,This time they are on the same front as him,So he was destined to be in vain。
When Daddy Cabbage and Pig are on the same front,That little cabbage delivered by yourself is really“No way to heaven,No way into the ground”Up。
Conan also spent a lot of time persuading Xiaolan,Finally made her give up her date,But Conan also bought Xiaolan a gift very warmly,Finally put“Meet the crisis”Spent An Ran。
As for why Tang Ze turned back again?Not for anything else,Is simply to step on。
For his future plan,He has a hunch that one day will come soon,Before that, he has to perfect his plan,Be fully prepared。
Daily work,No conan to make trouble,It’s so boring and boring。
I heard that Conan recently received an invitation from a good friend Hei Pingji,I took my wife and my father-in-law to organize a group and Hei Pingji to harm Osaka.,Tang Ze is almost immediately relieved。