“Tang Ze Criminal,This information,Where did you get it?”

“Knew it,Mention Black Organization,Conan is just like ordering an explosive barrel,Completely out of mind,Impulsive。”Tang Ze is extremely serious on the surface,Actually, my heart is madly complaining。
At least in the early period,Conan gave Tang Ze this impression。
The look shocked after meeting the opponent,Immediately think about whether it is dangerous or not,Let’s talk about it。
of course,It may also be because the clues were too rare at the time,Make him have to find the intelligence as much as possible。
And then enough intelligence was collected,I met another group of awesome teammates like Shuichi Akai,So acting style is more calm。
Seeing Conan calm down,Tang Ze also slowly retracted the right hand that was pressing on him。
Even if you calm down,Conan still eagerly asked again:“Tang Ze Criminal,Is the information accurate??”
“Very sure,But not all。”Tang Ze slowly said:“Because I got this information by accident。”
“Correct,accident。”Tang Ze speaks slowly,Tell Conan about his choice“Fictional reasoning”。
It was constructed by combining the information that I know,Absolutely seamless fictional reasoning!
“After knowing your identity,I naturally started to pay attention to the organization in your mouth that made you smaller,And there is one place that always makes me care。”
“Where?”Conan’s eyes narrowed,Asked quickly。
“your home。”