The yacht has reached its maximum speed,The yacht in the night opens the dark sea,Keep driving towards the front,The island is not far from us,The island in the night looks a lot like a majestic behemoth,It’s entrenched and peeping at us,As if filled with ferocious murderous intent。

Chapter One Hundred Seven change idea
It is estimated that Su Mei blew up all the speedboats,So those guys didn’t catch up,So we have an unimpeded journey。
The yacht moves along the island,Open the sea,Like a giant fish。
have to say,Ouyang’s skills in sailing are still very good,Feels smooth and fast。
It is estimated that it has experienced too much tension and fighting,I’m so tired as a dead dog,And being wet all over is very uncomfortable,So there was a mess in the yacht cabinet,I rub,There are a lot of clothes in the yacht cabinet,Both men and women,It even includes down jackets and thermal underwear,These guys really can figure it out,Even the warm clothes are ready。
I chose a set of sportswear in the cabinet,It’s still the famous brand of Adidas,Feels very comfortable on the body,Take a few clothes and dry your hair by the way,Busy,Su Mei got off the boat too,She also found out a set of clothes in the cabinet and changed,Don’t know which one**What’s left,The clothes look a little small,Su Mei’s figure is more vividly displayed,I stared at it for a moment。
Su Mei didn’t feel the look in my eyes,She changed clothes,Flicking hair back,Tied the hair with a rope backhand,Then walked towards the bottom compartment。
I lay down on the bottom deck sofa,This yacht is really**Escape,There are not only leather sofas inside,And there is a bar and a bedroom,Looking at the bright and warm lights,Feel the slight tremor of the yacht sailing in the sea,I just sigh,How happy the days of the rich are!
Su Mei entered the bottom compartment and started tossing around,So she was looking for food in the refrigerator,After searching for a long time, I found several cans,She threw me two,Then take a spoon and start eating,I got a canned luncheon meat and canned corn,I was very hungry,Get these things directly!
I quickly got up and eat canned food,Luncheon meat is delicious,But a bit salty,So I made another bottle of water in the refrigerator,Soon we finish eating,Su Mei brought some cans and clothes to Ouyang。
I searched the cabin carefully,There is a small utility compartment in the bedroom,It contains some food, water and gasoline,But these things don’t have much weight,Occupies only one third of the utility compartment,It seems that Su Mei is right,Really need to increase supplies。
But I am very worried,Even if the cabin is full,Su Mei may not be able to find the mainland,But she will do her own way I can only let it go,I rested on the sofa for a long time,The yacht stopped,Climb up the stairs,Look around,In the gray night,The reef group of the island is impressively ahead,But we are a bit far from the coast,About fifty or sixty meters。
Ouyang stopped the boat,Then sit in the driving seat and eat,Su Mei stared at the coast,Suddenly turned to ask me:“Xiao Zhao,Do you think Wenru can handle it??”
I haven’t replied,Ouyang interjected while eating:“Eyebrow,I advise you to ignore him,That kid is not enough to succeed,Bring him will be troublesome。”Finished,Ouyang continues to eat canned food,The expression is very focused。
“Don’t you call someone a brother?Why don’t you care about it now??They still call you big brother!”Su frowned,Unhappy。
“I have a fart relationship with him!That kid and I just met right away,He kept calling me big brother, can I refuse?Plastic brothers like this I don’t want anyway,As long as there is a chance,That guy sells me every minute!”Ouyang angrily put the can aside。
Su Mei ignored him,Turned his head and looked at me:“Zhao Pu,I have an idea,Now the ship is in hand,Let’s go back and see that kid,Help him if it doesn’t work,I need manpower on board anyway,One or two more is not a problem。”Su Mei looked at me with a smile,Dan Feng’s eyes are full of glitter。