That is to determine what the person’s dominant hand is。

Generally less careful prisoners,Will make major mistakes in this place。
And Tang Ze based on this,Start by comparing the dominant hand of the deceased in the photo。
Check it out this time,Sure enough!
In the photos on Monday and Tuesday,The dominant hand of the deceased is very common right hand,Available on Wednesday,The deceased’s dominant hand has become the left hand!
Tangsawa informed Kogoro Mouri of this discovery,And called Police Officer Megumi。
This discovery can be said to directly overturn the opponent’s perfect alibi,Confirmed that Abe Feng was suspected of killing。
But the following,I got bad news from Officer Mugo,Tang Ze couldn’t help but frown,
After hanging up,Tang Ze said solemnly to Kogoro Maori:“Officer Megome has investigated that Abe’s company owed 300 million in debt,I’m afraid this is his motive for killing。
And he has temporarily handed over the company to others,Said to travel abroad for a period of time,And the departure time is tonight9point!”
“What about traveling abroad?!”
Kogoro Moori hit the table with an angry punch,“That guy must be going to use the insurance money from the deceased to repay the debt,And then take the rest2Yi fled abroad!”
“Now only three hours left!”Conan looks at the clock,Look drastically changed,“If you let him escape abroad, it will be in trouble,I had to let him find a way to confess…”
Thought of this,Conan started to act。