something,Even if you know it may be the truth,But also to investigate,And come up with more convincing evidence,And run for it until it is confirmed.。

After all,Find the button in the parking lot,I think that was a clue left by Hattori Heiji,That depends on Tang Ze’s knowledge of Hattori Heiji。
He knew that a detective at the level of Hattori Heiji,Even if caught,I will definitely try my best to leave clues。
Especially when he is there,Even more so。
Just think about it,If Tang Ze is caught by gangsters,Then if you know that Conan or Hattori Heiji is nearby,I will definitely try my best to leave information。
But this kind of tacit understanding between smart people,Left signal,There is no evidence。
In the case,These are all speculations,Is without any basis、Fantasy without evidence。
and so,Although Tang Ze reported this information before,I suspect this person is an associate of Ueno,But now the search headquarters led by the agency,But still focus on Ueno。
of course,The information provided by Tang Ze has not been ignored,At least the big guys of the Metropolitan Police Department,Still attaches great importance to Tang Ze’s judgment。
After all, the agency doesn’t know Tang Ze’s record,Do they still know?
Since joining,Tang Ze has made great achievements repeatedly。
Like in“Billion robbery”China used its unique judgment to find the stolen money,such as“Robbery of the Toyo Gunpowder Depot”in,Point out that Morigu Teji may be due to OCD,So I want to destroy the asymmetrical buildings at the beginning of my career, etc.。
In these major cases,Tang Ze’s unique insights,Accurate judgment,Let the above dare not easily ignore his opinions,After all, this is the reputation of Tang Zeshi’s actual record.!
But rules are rules,If all criminals are like Tang Ze,Unfounded judgments and speculations,That’s a mess。
In case this guy with a criminal record just happened to pass by,It happened to drop a red button like the clown jacket?
If it is rashly included in a large-scale search,If you find that you caught the wrong person in the end,No one can afford this responsibility。
and so,When the agency dominates,The Metropolitan Police Department acquiesced to Tang Ze taking their three-families,Act under his judgment,It’s a special group that is different from the main force’s course of action。