Love begets hate,The love against Yoko Okino turned into despair and hatred at that moment,So he thought of this kind of revenge。

And then in the agent’s confession,Ms. Yoko finally learned that the name of Tengjiang, who had thrown away her, was only at the request of her agent Eiichi to break up with him.。
And the diary searched in the room,Recorded his troubles and misses that he could not forget after breaking up。
Lie、A tragedy of misunderstanding and accident,The curtain came down。
Tang Ze,Also received praise from Officer Megome。
Tang Ze also resolved this case,Thanks to Miss Yoko Okino,Tang Ze got a signature from the other party,And exchanged contact information。
Maybe it’s because Tang Ze prevented him from making mistakes before,And successfully cleared the suspicion between himself and Yoko,The broker didn’t stop the two from exchanging contact information。
Maybe it’s the idea of making friends with Tang Ze,After all, if there is an outstanding policeman in,Can still help a lot,After all, stars will have various problems。
of course,Maybe when I praised him before,Revealed his police rank。
And Tangze introduced his hot spring to Yoko Okino,Let her take her friends to relax。
Anyway, I can advertise by the way.~
First6chapter New case【Ask for recommendation!】
After the case is over,Tang Ze takes Okino Yoko,Kogoro Mori and others returned to the Metropolitan Police Department to make notes。
This is a procedure that must go through,After all, the deceased was related to Yoko Okino,And committed suicide in her room,As the owner of the room, I have to go there。
And Kogoro Mori as the solver,I have to go,And presumably Miss Yoko Okino wouldn’t want to stay in the room where her ex-boyfriend died。
Fortunately, even though the agent has wrong,But Tang Ze found out soon,A passerby,You don’t have to follow along,Tang Ze made it easy for him to work。
After all something like this happened,The room is temporarily unavailable,It’s too late,You must find a hotel or something to stay。
“Miss Okino,I’ll take you back。”Tang Ze finished the transcript for Yoko Okino,Said with a smile。