“All right,Go to the White Xiongmelin now,We have evidence in our hands.,This time I have a good account.。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo Mini is slightly cold,Delicate:“Give me!”

The two fires have been in the red figure.,Direct Pun Tian and Jirod,The two faces are ugly,It is also difficult to resist。
“Let it go,Go to White Xiongmelin。”Sichuan Luo Sakura looked at the distant Western Road:“This time you have to make up all the losses.。”
These fire red figures have followed Sichuan Luo Sakuo.。
Sheng Xuedeburg is the capital of the White Bear Empire,It is also the politics of the White Bear Empire,economy,culture,Financial Center,White Bear Empire30%,here has800Universal population,It is the largest city of the White Bear Empire。
Bai Xiongmlin, the civilized day is sitting in this city。
However, this city seems to be suppressed.,Even the big day photo,The citizens of Sheng Xundurg also feel the inherent depression,Pressing like a boulder in their chest,Let them feel。
Let the Buddha are going to collapse。
And Shengdionburg International Airport has been suddenly closed,What makes the Sheng Xuedeburg feel uneasy,Especially those who are Shengdionburg,They can’t know a little news,Unrest。
Sheng Xundurg5000Rice high。
Dozens of fire red figure stands in the cloud group condensing,Each unscrupulous broke out of terrible breath,Golden wheel back,Final emperor,Hitra,The four big fortunes of the Lord stand in void。
They stand behind the 10th strong fire red figure。
Baby Empire,The leader of the dark church also has a horse to stand in the void,The flower of the flower of the flower and the John Dragon’s eyes are cold.,This time they shot very carefully,Layout。
The powerful biochemical people went to the White Bear Empire.。
Once the white bear empire breaks the rules,They will start ruthless killing,Thus let the white bear empire are jealous,Don’t dare to shoot free。
Other people in the seven countries, flutored directly from all directions to Shengdionburg。
In addition to the Human Horses of the Seven Banders,There is also a three-part forces,It is a white bear Empire Ice and Power,Shamanism,Mr. Bur family,Foot-footed people with the leader。
Three people。
The first person is the Ice Fire God teaches the main Portuguese Jingjing,Portlass Shenjing is deeply unspeakable,The breath of the body makes the opposite Hitra,Jehodi and others are jealous。
The second person is the teacher of Shaman’s god,This teacher is the name of Sastle,The breath mystery on the Stath,Carrying hands,Light and cold,A table is ruthless。
The third person is the master of the Bern family,This master is 30,Blonde shawl,The breath is very plain,Tiehuang,The iron emperor looks lightly,Just holding a mysterious whip in his hand。
It is a golden whip。
Although it is a golden color,Already a simple breath,The above is shocked.。
In addition to these big characters,The cloud group is still on the knee, the ten old people,This ten old people are dead and silent,But no one dares to look at this ten old people.。
Because this ten older is the strong man of Nirvana,Wake up at any time,Eruption of horror。
“Allocate,What do you mean??Do you really want to fight a fish dead??”Shaman’s gods, the dawn, back, and the opposite side of the seven-part power。
NS889chapter Violent conflict
“What’s the meaning?”John Long heard the laughter:“You do what you do.,Do you still use us??”
“Oh,John Dragon,Say clearly!”Southam Tao:“I don’t understand what you mean.。”
“First wait,There is also a team of people who have not come over.,After you come over, we will talk about you.。”John Dragon Cold Tao。
“Humph!”Southam Tomewene,Not talking。
Both dense atmosphere,Intermediate section is separated from a distance,But no one is talking,But quietly waiting。
Ten minutes later,The East has passed a powerful breath.,A fire red figure is broken.,One person headed is the Sakura,The ten strong people after the Sichuan Luo Shuangyou were put in Pun Tian and Jirod.。
These two people gray face,When you see the majority of people,Two people suddenly become more ugly。
Portuguese,Stath,The three faces of the Tiehuang never have naturally,It’s ugly that it is difficult to see。