Standard with the current strength of the book,Can also be classified as green,Basically, it is a stable energy.,If it is a woman,The chance of impacting the second paragraph should be large。

Of course, I’m also impossible.,Female players’ state undulations often large,Slightly don’t pay attention to it,May be immediately。
“Then what plan is there??Also study on Qingdao?”Cooperative。
Well shakehead:“The seniors of Qingdao have been busy here.,I flew a trip to Nagoya a few times.,Go to the women’s cup,After the final is a week。”
“She has already hit the finals??”
“Yes,She is the title of the princess is the beginning of this year.,It should be a very strong competitive state all year.,It should be that there is no such thing for her woman to interrupt her.,Next, I will have an examination,Next, there are school final exams.。”
“You are still going to school?”Some accidents are surprised。
“Yes,The family’s plan is to play on the side of school.,Elite route for TV stations will be taken in the future,And my sister’s pure professional flow is different,I have probably only six or seven segments.。”
It is also probably only mixed girls can be on the pressure of the school.,Successfully set the segment,And continue to the arch。
Women’s Dafa is good,Women’s Dafa is good。
It is hesitant to ask her to ask her to review the sprint test.,Sumprise began to speak on the stage.,Attracted everyone’s attention
“classmates,Next is the link to the certificate of the certificate.,From current Royal Games,Mr. Jing, the Night God, is awarded。”
The eye of the subject is slightly widened,The fork of picking the cake stops in the air。
Chapter 60 · Night god
Hear this news,Most people have a moment。
“Professional certificate issued in previous years,It’s all about the dean.,This year, I suddenly turned into Yusheng chess.?”
“Yusheng chess is basically not ahead of public occasion,This time, it’s easy to easily.?”
“Actually, just to issue a small matter of the certificate certificate.。”
“Is this lucky in this year??”
The discussion of the fineness of the fine language under the stage,But compared to questioning,More honor,No one is not interested in this kind of fine shock。
Shafying was also wondering on the stage.,In the past, according to the practice, it was awarded by him for children.,But just before you just,Yucheng chess suddenly decided,Ask yourself to do this。
Unable to know his intentions。
“Mr. Yucheng to issue a definition certificate,This is also enough to blow it.。”Mountain hill shrugged,In fact, there is no interest to show more interest.,After all, the certificate is the same.。
Coeping is silently cleansing the cake tray silently,Mi clean juice cup,Empty your hands out。
certainly,Empty hands are not used to applaud,But it is used to wait for it.。
I knocked down the underlying dog legs,I just knocked off a neutronish,Yusheng chess picks this time,Most, I want to see myself.。
This will become a meeting with a commemorative value.。
All members are tightly standing,Face,Waiting for the appearance of Royal Castle。
suddenly,Footsteps sound——
But not behind the scene,But the corridor outside the door。
That is a string of footsteps of four or five people,Every foot foot is a drum point on a marble ground?,Sincerely seriously,It seems that it is the coronation ceremony of the knight.。
finally,That voice stopped outside the door,Slowly push the door——
“welcome,Dear pushed this door,Step into this fairy road。”
Low and magnetic sound to the outside of the door,Naturally makes everyone unable to transfer attention。
“I am the night god.,I am very honored to be awarded honors for newcomers.。”
A man wearing a white suit appears in the entrance to the door,Gesture is gorgeous,Jin Lang Junyi’s short hair,Deep essay,Oriental holes in civil and military,The factor of the strong is almost engraved in his body is almost a perfect man.。
His body is not tall and fierce,But able to feel the tough line under the suit,It is very in line with Japanese clothes for men’s aesthetic requirements.,Undead。
His face is not the kind of evil spirits.,But give people a gloomy artist beauty,Everything,But I am eager to get everything。
Dangerous breath。