“Dean Chang,what happened to you?”

Seeing Dean Chang who was suddenly stunned,Fang Yu hesitated。
“It’s nothing……”
Dean Chang shook his head。
“I’ll go now……If there is any new situation here,Also notify me。This set of surgical equipment,I took it away first!”
Fang Yu finished,Holding that heavy surgical suit,It’s as simple as holding a bottle of water。
Dean Chang sighed slightly,He is really old!
Young people are really tough now。
That surgical suit,How can it be forty-five catties?。
Fang Yu,Sure enough, he is the most potential genius doctor in Qingxin City!
Unfathomable strength!
First153chapter main idea
“My son he……Is there any help??”
Mr. Zang looked at his son,Sigh softly。Because Mr. Ming said the situation is not a big problem,and so,Mr. Ming asked him to keep his son at home,Waiting for Fang Yu to come。
“Mr. Ming’s medical skills are good!Just protected my heart。Gave me enough time!”
Fang Yu smiled。
“Doctor Fang praised……I use Lingzhi and Ginseng……otherwise,Mr. Zang has long been……”