“Next realm 叩 天。”

Lin Feng looked at the void muttering,叩 天 关 is the realm of the four days of God,This point is going to open the Tianguan。
In the past, the Tiandi two veins were accumulated in order to open the sky.。
Like the two veins,It is difficult to induce a certain realm.,And the peace of mind is not in the human body.,But there is between the heavens and the earth。
Step into Tongtian Realm,Running,Tianguan is coming in the head of the head,Just crush the sky,Thoroughly,Even if you succeed。
It’s like a squid.,Tianguan link a small space,This contains mysterious power,The practitioner entered it.,Use this mysterious power to quench the god and body,Improve the realm。
This can reach the successful realm of 叩 天.。
“never mind,Tianshi definitely horror。”Lin Feng looked at the void muttering:“I have opened my own martialo.,Ten years of ten years,I hope to clarify the head,Put this skillfully。”
Lin Feng lows,He suddenly began to accept the memory of Tolsmu et al.。
As a corpse,Almost you can accept the memory of the breeder,Feeling,Of course, you can also do not accept it.,All between the corpse。
He wants to open this new martialo,Must control powerful nuclear technology。
With Lin Feng’s release。
His mind has emerged from Torchmu,Mount Yamoto’s memory of eleven people,It’s like a horse.,Like an end of the 11 kinds of life,His head collapsed.。
Countless knowledge, emerged in his mind。
Made of Lin Feng’s mind。
Fortunately, Lin Feng has completely entered the sky.,This is strongly suppressed,And behind his eyes closed,Quietly understand this memory。
Time is like this。
Ten years of past,Lin Feng’s figure is still like a rock, sitting here.,It seems to fall into the depth of reference。
Nissan,Suddenly there is a laughing。
“Ha ha,Finally manufactured successfully。”Krevo is laughing:“go,Yamamoto,Charlie,Tolsmu.Let’s go experiment。”
“Krevo,Small voice point。”Charlie Manier whisper reminded。
NS1283chapter God creation
“I see,Hey-hey,Our hydrogen bombs finally manufactured successfully。”Krevo is still excited low:“Let’s go to the experiment.,Go to the south of Nissan,Don’t excite them。”
“it is good!”Tolsmu,Yamamoto,Charlie Man and others have nodded,They are air flowing on them,Powerful airflow gather together,Wrap a hydrogen bomb。
And behind the air and flooded to the direction of the Nest Mountain.。
Just when a few people left,A road is in the empty,It is Dongfang Yin,Black clothes woman,There is also the demon night song,Iron hand,Pursue,Disguise four people,Both parties are just simple to say.。
For Dongfang Yin,She often pays attention to the development of things here.,Looking forward to Torish and others can make a hydrogen bomb in the gods earlier.。
Mon night song,Iron hand,Pursuit, etc., is very interested in Torsema et al.,These days of life,Let them feel that Torsema and others seem to be manufacturing a powerful murder。
The two sides quietly tracked,Tolsmut and others did not find out,Their figure came to the South Southern300Kilometer,This area is impaired。
“Krevo,Let’s put it here.,We return to more than 100 kilometers away from remote control。”Tolsmut pointed to the distance。
“A little more。”Krov meditated:“Our repair is not very powerful after all.,This hydrogen-bomb is very strong,Kill radius180Kilometer area。”
“Perhaps more powerful,We are far a little,Hide underground。”Shanduben Yuto also recommended the road:“Can’t play yourself。”