she does not know,How to stimulate the spring,Why do you suddenly do this?。

But I want to come to the three generations. I have angered the spring.。
Spring, watch an anxious,The anger of the heart dissipates a little。
Doing this does not give a teacher face,However, he will not let him go.。
“Ok,teacher,I give you a face.”Spring hit a referring。
Two elders instantly restore awake。
See the journey to see Spring.,Sorry tone in my heart。
“Go to find three generations”The agency said to Kakasi。
“no need,He already escaped,Treat the root,He should have not come and take away,There are still a lot of evidence there.”Spring walked forward。
“What did you say,My grandfather will not escape.”A teenager broke into here。
“Wooden pill!”Two newly awake elders。
Because they have seen it,Spiral pills that appear in the hand of the wooden pill。
He wants to attack the spring!
“It’s really bullying, my old feelings.,Even the grandson will not take”Spring。
He directly reached out and pressed on the spiral pills attacked by the wood leaf.,This kind of surgery should be sent to him.。
Spiral pill disappears,And Spring also grabbed the hand of the wooden pill。
“Do you know what your grandfather did??”Springs are not in the struggle of Meilu Leaves。
“Spring!Wooden pill is innocent”Water household feng。
The apeer is not a expression.,Springs,Whether it will take the wooden pill。
“Yes,You know nothing”Quanyi looked at the wooden pill,Take him directly。
“Catch all the ninjas that fly,Rebellion”Spring is cold。
He has been directly ordered。
Although the spring does not have any rights in the wooden leaves,But will there be someone else to follow??
Outlet sighed。
“Make it according to Spring,Try not to have conflicts”She said helplessly。
Obviously the three generations are completely irritated.,Quan Yilian’s ninja is to catch up。
However, she doesn’t think that the Spring will kill these people directly.。
Some of the Ninja belong to the flying one,Disappointment。
Two elders are also difficult to face。
“Treated as soon as possible,I don’t have much time.”Spring is slowly walking into the fire building。