But gradually,The yellow dog is getting soy sauce,After a long time, I haven’t smelled any demon heads,Barking several times,Then ran all the way,I didn’t see anything。

I wish Minglang will have a headache,Just based on the number of hunting hoops they currently have,It is basically impossible to stand out in this hunting event,I can’t get the blood of the dragon’s essence。
The yellow dog beast screamed again,This time the call is very loud,Seems to have the firmness of a good faithful dog!
“This time you will take us to a remote place,I grilled you to feed my raptors!”Luo Shaoyan threatens this yellow dog animal way。
The yellow dog runs ahead,The three of them chased after him dubiously。
Zhu Minglang actually has nothing to expect from the guide dog given by the organizer for free,But since it has found,Reluctantly believe it again,Because it performed very well in the first two times。
This time went a long way,The yellow dog seems to have known the exact location of the death row inmate,There are almost no stops along the way,Climb straight towards the top of a mountain。
Climbed the top of this mountain,There are many strangely shaped limestone schists on the open mountain top,They are scattered on the top of the mountain like clusters of plants。
The yellow dog bark more fiercely,It’s like a large group of prey hidden in the top of this mountain。
Luo Shaoyan walked ahead,He also felt that this time the yellow dog beast should have made a big discovery。
“You be careful。”I wish Minglang behind,Follow without hurries。
“Nothing,We are not afraid of Xing Kun, the blood demon of Jun-level strength,Are you afraid of some little thieves??”Luo Shaoyan said。
Through a stone forest,Suddenly the yellow dog beast disappeared,Luo Shaoyan stood in this rugged strange rock forest,I didn’t know where to go for a while。
When he was lost,A sharp iron whip suddenly came out from behind a rock,Hit Luo Shaoyan’s chest hard。
This iron whip is powerful,Knocked Luo Shaoyan off the Raptor’s back,Luo Shaoyan smashed into a bamboo-like rock,Donate blood and vomit。
“Have……There is an ambush,Don’t come in!!”Luo Shaoyan vomits blood,Shouting hard。
Just said it,A leather whip flew violently,Slapped Luo Shaoyan on the face severely,Drew him so much that he couldn’t even speak。
Luo Shaoyan sat slumped on the ground,Mouth full of blood,His eyes stared at the man with the whip in anger。