“You all wait,Wang Youcai seems to be back,He contracted the carton factory in our village,I haven’t turned in a penny so far,You get him over for me,If he is still Sarai,We have to take back this management right”Xia Jian said with a straight face。

Zhao Hongyi listen,So he put down what he was holding,She told Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu:“You two go over,Get him here,He won’t come,Bring him here too,This person is cured,Or he really thought we were afraid of him”
“Hey Mr. Xia!I heard that Wang Youcai’s girlfriend is very sexy,You are the same age,Where is your girlfriend?Why don’t you bring it back to Xiping Village and show it off?”Song Fang looked at Xia Jian with a serious face,Suddenly started his joke。
Mo Yan on the side also followed up,And Zhao Hong glanced at Xia Jian,Lower your head,Opened a small notebook and read it。Song Fang glanced at Zhao Hong,Can’t help but curl up,A little bit of a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Are there a lot of girlfriends?,I don’t know which one to bring back,So I didn’t bring,But it’s coming soon,You two have no hope anyway,So don’t worry about it“
“Hey!What hope can i have,I blamed me for getting married too early“Song Fang said helplessly,She seems to be serious。
at this time,A loud noise came in from the gate,Followed by,Chen Erniu has the front side pull,Xia Sanhu pushed behind,Two people got Wang Youcai in by pulling in。
Just walked into the office,Wang Youcai shouted to Xia Jian:“Yo!It turned out that Chief Xia came back,No wonder your men are so awesome,Dare to detain me forcibly,This is illegal,They two don’t understand,You should know“
“Talk less,I have no time to listen to your nonsense,When will the contracting fee of Xiping Carton Factory be paid??”Xia Jian glanced at Wang Youcai,Asked coldly。
Wang Youcai listened,Shrugged shoulders,Spread your hands,Haha smiled:“It would be nice if the Xiping Carton Factory did not close down,No money,”
“it is good!very good,In this case,Take back your management right in our village,You go to the carton factory this afternoon,I will ask someone to estimate,Let the accountant check the accounts,If you want to shame,I will also invite people from the Public Security Bureau”Xia Jian finished,Stood up,Walked outside。
Wang Youcai listened,His face changed immediately,He stammered:“use…Don’t need it!Grew up in the same village,You are too cruel,Have to give me a way to survive!Anyway,I watched this carton factory come to today”
“First you figure it out,This carton factory is the property of all the people in Xiping Village,Not privately owned,You do,So that we can’t tell the whole village,Want to continue,Pay the contract fee as soon as possible”Zhao Hong who has been sitting still silent,Suddenly he slapped the table and said。
Wang Youcai blocked the door,I’m afraid Xia Jian is gone,He knows,Xia Jian did what he said,He dare not take this risk,In case it gets liquidated,He’s in trouble。
“You are all right,I admit that I caused everyone,How about this!I will hand in part first,The rest waits for the capital turnover to open,I will hand it in,I’ll give you all,Carton factory has to stop production”Wang Youcai finally began to soften,His begging look。
Xia Jian asked with a smile:“How much are you going to pay?Less words,You better not speak”
“Pay one hundred thousand first!No more than 150,000”Wang Youcai asked tentatively。
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