Gao Bao is calm and said that it is incomparable.,To know,At the beginning, he almost was treated as“Funeral”NS。Nowadays, I can say something like this.。

The visible environment is very easy to change one person,Especially the tender chicks with innocent and fantasies.。
After listening to Gao Boyi,The sucking smile on the high face:“Born my parents,Know my nine。I don’t know how many days.,But since then,I’m officially returned.。
You let Yang Yu come in,Speed for Defench。”
Stone breaks!
Gao Yang will not die now,Gao Boyi is very clear about this。Even if he can’t stand up all the time,Even if he is cirrhosis has arrived at the neat,However, repairing,At least you can live to this fall!
I didn’t expect Gorosity to announce it directly.!
This is great to be expected by Gao Baoyi.!
“Your Majesty。Although your body can’t move,But the mind is hunting,The state affairs don’t need to be your pro?”
Gao Baoyi worked hard。
I didn’t expect Gao Yang to sigh.:“I am like this.,You still don’t let go,Let you go to furtia,What do you mean??”
Yes,What do you mean??
If you know that you only have one month of life,You will work overtime.?Will work hard?
Neither,That kind of thing is in meaningless waste time.。
Anyone,Will use this last time to enjoy life,Even Huang’s own savings!
People are gone,What is the use of those who want those Wang Tu Hegens??Who is it??
Gao Biyi suddenly understood this truth,I also understand the bitterness in the high school heart.。
“朕 腰 那,When I fell, I didn’t break it.,It is also destined。
You will give it to Russian Yongle,Two thousand budes of the South City Palace will listen to you。
I am already alive.,Many others do what they do,I also did it.,Many things that others have not done,I’m also doing it.,I fly in the sky.,This life has no regrets。”
The high ocean is slowly closed.,It seems to lose interest in talking。
“Please take a good disease.。”
Gao Bao said a sentence,Turn away。
Some people love stack power,Some people are seen because of various reasons。Gao Yang can soakers,Nothing should be“No desire”Four words。
Because life is going to the end,So no matter what you give him anything,Can’t let him get happy。same,He lost anything else,Will not feel sad。
“Qi State is a hand created,I won’t look at it collapse.。High performance may not understand this truth,But nine, you must understand!”
Gao Baoyi went to the door,I heard the high school lying on the bed and shouted by him.。
“Minlegal will not live up to the expectations of the next!”
By now,Gao Biyi has clearly understood。
He is with Li Zuyu’s unisexist,Gao Yang has always known。
Tang Wei’s scorpion,Gao Yang has always known。
I understand the ambition of the younger brother,Gao Yang is still a cave。
Everything,He is actually clear and white.。