But if Kunlun old ancestors fall into the decline,Or deadly,Naturally a good thing for them。

After all, Kunlun ancestors have kill the preparation of Tianjun.,Nowadays, Kunlun’s old ancestors have passed nearly 10,000 years.,Who knows that Kunlun ancestors have now cultivated?。
In the heart,Kunlun ancestor is absolutely not in the three robbery,This person,In addition to the horman,It’s hard to see other places.,Because I got this step,Almost all the old monsters can’t be hidden,Tracing through the fourth time、Five-time decommissioning,It’s easy to participate in the battle。
But Kunlun Mountain does not have Kunlun ancestors,Because of the five-school alliance,The quantity of Tianxian is also very considerable。
Yuan Chenzi is a fairman,Xuanling teaches four pieces to him very sad,And after the four old lilies hit the Tianjun failure,Let them realize the difficulties of the day。
In the case of the old ancestors for six thousand years,Five schools are more closely linked。
Plus Kunlun Holy Land,A total of hundreds of Tianxian joint,Practice a big array,Power in the big array,They can also fight with Tianjun。
For the forbidden treasures,Their opinions have also reached an agreement,Do your best to keep the holy object in it。
Because this sacred object is from Kunlun Mountain,Obviously the Tianzhi machine,Tianmou Ele,Refuse。What’s more, the old ancestors have listed there as forbiddenly.,Obviously there is a big secret,Can’t give up easily。
Unfortunately,Yuan Chenzi has not contacted the ancestor。
Group of coincides,Among them, jade realists play a lot of roles.。
He has always cautious him,Multiple appearance stabilization,Teach you don’t want to be scared by the outside world.。http://www.art0372.cn
However, with the imbacy of black hills, it is more frequent.,External glory is more and more。
The glory when the Kunlun Mountain does not fall in the peak。
Even the final decent Kunlun ancestor has also caught incensely。
Although they united,There is no Tianjun in the end.,Naturally, it is naturally easy to cause undersight。
Already started with big education、Holy Land into Kunlun Mountain。
Even a Tianjun broke into the ground。
But the Tianjun’s blood came out on the day.,Soon, get in advance。
This terrible scene,Missing many people see,Just, but did not prevent the outside world,Instead, people feel that they have an amazing secret.。
Attrition、Lingshan、Misshari, etc.。
This is their consistent style,The holy name of the ban is so powerful,And if they are useful to them,Rethone,Or let http://www.xinqinn.cn the characters who get the opportunity to join them。
Next decades,Continuously close to the decay、Demon Jun broke into the ban,Their blood water is watering the dark mountain,No more。
Hands of dark mountains have terrible power。
But the painted black hills also have more and more vitality.。
Various sacred and solemn vibrations frequently。
same,People realize the difficulties of getting this holy object。
Because of God,No one will link things in the ban on the ground.。
If Su Chen knows all this,I will understand that the paint black hills have hidden themselves.。It puts yourself into the ancient holy object。
This is a sly thing。
“Kunlun ancient ancestors enamented this mountain,He must know the secrets。”
“This is more than half of the top and Kunlun Holy Land.,Legend has it lost many http://www.riguangfadian.cn Lingbao in the middle of the Kunlun Holy Land.。Apricot yellow flag、Flea、Yellow and keroscopy, etc.,Once all in the Kunlun Holy Land。”
“We can’t deal the mountain.,Is it possible to deal with Kunlun Holy Land?,Forced to ask them to hand over the secret。”