When it’s the lucky draw,The atmosphere of the entire event site reached**。When every prize is drawn,Apart from cheers,,There is fierce applause。

In the interval between awards,Guo Meili squeezed to Xia Jian,She asked caringly:“President Xia!You are hurt?How is the situation now?If it wasn’t for Dragon Ball to tell me,I still don’t know“
“It’s almost done now,How many of you came here?“Xia Jian smiled,He asked softly。
Guo Meili took a breath and said:“It’s fine,Two of us came,Just a representative,Which project is particularly busy now,Everyone http://www.yiyangfangchanwang.cn can’t go away“
“it is good!Just bring back everyone’s awards,This event,The prize is cash“When Xia Jianzheng was speaking to Guo Meili,A big prize was drawn on the stage,It turns out that the winner is Guo Meili。
First0473 Blockbuster
“Mr. Guo!You got the big prize”Fang Fang shouted loudly。
Guo Meili smiled and said:“Good luck,I don’t know how big the prize is?”
Her voice has not fallen yet,Just listen to the host:“Ms. Guo Meili won a cash prize of 10,000 yuan”The host just fell,There was thunderous applause from the audience。
Guo Meili is also very excited,She rushed to the podium with a big laugh,Received 10,000 yuan in cash from Wang Lin。The emergence of the jackpot,Bring the atmosphere of this event to the most**。
The lottery has been going on,Group employees and invited guests,Waiting for,Everyone is waiting,I’m http://www.byccwsd.cn lucky。
The appearance of journalists is indispensable in such occasions。Soon there was a female reporter wearing glasses, ignoring Fang Fang’s blocking,I’m already in front of Xia Jian,She speaks very fast:“Hello Mr. Xia!I’m Wang Ling from Bucheon Daily,Can you define this event today as throwing money??”
“This is a welfare activity for group employees,How to spend money?“Xia Jian Patience,Speak softly。This occasion,And his current physical condition,Not easy to get angry at all。
Wang Ling immediately asked:“Your award is too big,Move ten thousand,Few thousand,What is this?“
“Ha ha!Maybe we have different definitions of the term smashed money。Group employees in the most recent year,Very hard work,We motivate employees through this event,Thank you for your contribution to the venture group,This has nothing to do with throwing money“Xia Jian is calm,Very reasonable。
Wang Ling nodded involuntarily,She said with a smile:”I have participated in many celebrations of entrepreneurs in Bucheon,But no one is as generous as your startup group“
“The entrepreneurial group can have today’s development,It all depends on the hard work of all employees,So it’s nothing to give everyone some benefits”Xia Jian answered very appropriately,Let Wang Ling have nothing to say for a while。
at this time,A few reporters carrying cameras are rushing here,Xia Jian has a look,Busy Fang Fang said:“Block them,I’m talking first”