“Hey!Gather,Come and save me,Hotel 5th Floor。”

The voice of Lu Si is very urgent。
Le Yu is awkward,Quickly get up and open the door and run out,“Think,I am also on the fifth http://www.zzchenyang.cn floor.,where are you?”
Lu Si is running while:“I don’t know where I am.,There are two men who are chasing me。
They want to be a gift。”
Le Yu is shocked,Hang up the phone,I looked at the left and right sides.,I heard the sound came from the left.,She immediately ran in the left。
Le Yu is shouting,Incomparable,All things are too coincidental.。
The first is blue,It is thinking now,Who has such a big ability?
http://www.yizhehuo.cn Lu Si is running behind,She doesn’t think I just want to go to the top floor.,I was staring by two men.,and,I have been chasing her from the first floor and ran to the fifth floor.。
“Stinky woman,I see where you run?”
A slightly fat man,The fierce looks like Lu Si。
Lu Si angry is going back,“Your bastard,I am going out here.,Is your death。”
The anger of the end of Lu Si http://www.guichunrizashop.cn also broke out to the extreme。
Today’s thing is some people deliberately arranged,otherwise,In such a place,No one dares to do this。
Blue blue, I don’t know if I will do something?
damn it!It’s too big.。
“Humph!Lu family an opaque woman,Can you treat me??”
The slightly grease-fat man looked coldly。
Lu Siyi listened to this,Hedd to wake up。
“Qin Ningzhen,You don’t have a woman,I must let your ancestors must die.。”
The roaring of Lu Si biting teeth,Continue to run forward。
NS770chapter:Woman is crazy, it is terrible
There is also a lotion,What should I do??
She just fled in the process of escaping,I saw that Actu was dragged into a room by the other two men.,and,Look at his situation is very bad。
Constimate suddenly felt grievances,I feel that there is a natural net pressure on my body.。
“what”Lu Si thinking is not concentrated,Carpet in the walkway。
I have a tingling in my knee and arms.。
Mobile phone and clutch bag also fly far,She bites her teeth。
Two men chased,Also panting and stopped,“Run away,Why don’t you ran??
Just now not still very powerful,Too embarrassing?
Why don’t you run now??”
The slightly fat man looked badly a sexy land.。
Another man who is slightly slightly smirk:“Big brother,This woman’s body is really good。”
“Um!Wait a minute, you also have a copy.。”
Men’s evil smile,Looking at it,Enjoy,Something,He bent down and went to pull Lu Si.。
However,I haven’t met Lu Si yet,The hands are played back and played.。
“Ah good pain,Which turtle grandson,Dare to manage Laozi。”