Fuhua continues to attack Hanjiang,Leadage:“The purpose of martial arts is not just a strong body,More Baodao,Now you have weak strength,Even if the friends around you can’t guard,Talk about He Baoda Wei Guo。”

Han Jiang bite the teeth show the gun tongue。
The essence of gun fighting surgery is still close to fight,Although onlyLV1,But it is also strong than the attack of Hanjiang.!
“hurry up!”
Fuhua easy to avoid the attack of Hanjiang,A punch, hit it on Hanjiang,Hanjiang continues to remind Hanjiang。
“There must be your own momentum,Have a will offende,No matter who faces, you must be brave enough to punch!”
“Or?You are afraid of hurting me?”
Have a humble man from the bones into a arrogant,Let Hanjiang feel such a unfamiliar person。
Mud people also have three points of fire,Even if the opposite is Fuhua,Han Jiang was also played a fire。
“right,That’s it,quick,be quick!”
“Your heart!”
After the end of this sentence,Hanjiang, a boxing of Fuhua, continuously retreat,Little sitting on the ground。
“This is the sword you practice.?”The Wah District is not looking at Hanjiang。
this moment,Han Jiang is a bit shame。
I don’t know if it is not aware.,Still find the wrong direction。
“Let you kill 100,000 kiliers are not for you,But to help you find the direction,When is the state of mind,Can not be proud of the battle,Not afraid to fall in trouble,So you have succeeded http://www.yoogong.cn more than half。”
“If you can’t do anything, you will have a somewhere,Then all exercises will be in vain.。”
“Do you have to stop water any occasion??”Han Jiang’s question。
Fu Hua Zheng’s heart:“Yes。”
do not know why,Han Jiang wants skin。
“Squad leader,I see your glasses frame seems to have a patching traces.,This is my new buy to you.。”Han Jiang said,Pull out a red glasses from your pocket。
Han Jiang put the glasses frame hard to come into the hand,Say:“You are not teaching me martial arts,I have to give you a little gift is not?”
Said that Han Jiang also deliberately blinking,What is the reaction to the bottom of Wan?。
After the Vihua took the glasses frame,Hanjiang in front of me seems to be a bit pleasing.,Such a move seems to be as if it doesn’t hate it.。
“Ding,Wuan’s good feel10。”http://www.jvshang.cn
“Squad leader,Not a heart like a water??”Han Jiang haha laughed。
“Do you want to think about me seriously?,Han Jiang?”
Han Jiang Raise shakes his head,Can wait for a delicate fist。
Fuhua one hand pinching frame,Hold a box to attack Hanjiang。
Han Jiang quickly dodge,Fu Hua footstep once again。