One male reporter,Face with a smile of a smile:“Continental,May I ask Miss Anan??It is said that,She and your company’s blue director have never been,Now Gu Ai’an Miss looks very painful,Is it a dispute between two people??”

Reporter sharp tone aggressive。
Lu Haocheng looked deeply,Yilin’s face can’t wait for him.。
It seems that everything today is arranged.。
very good,very good!
Gu An An opened his eyes.:“Allocate,I’m so sorry,My and Blue Director,A little contradiction occurred,Since the result,Just push down the building.,But don’t be tight,There are no broken hands。”
Gu Anan said after these words,Close your eyes in pain。
Lu Haocheng turned to look at her,The terrible expression on the face must not really let Gu Anan die.。
Several reporters listen,Instantly put the eyes on the blue of Blue Xin,Keeping Blue Xin。
Lu Haozheng,The protection is in front of Blue Xin。
Just now, the male reporter went around the side.,Agic:“May I ask Blue Director,Why do you want to take care of Ai’an?,What is the reason you push him?,Can you explain??”
NS456chapter:I believe you

NS456chapter:I believe you
Blue Xin looked at the male reporter in front of him,See him, fortunately,I wrote that there is no good idea.,She slightly,Not talking。
These reporters are waiting here.,Just to see this scene。
Look,Gu Anan carefully arranged everything。
Although she knows that things are arranged by Gu Ai’an.,But now I explain anyway, how can she explain?,Don’t believe her。
She has no evidence,Prove that she did not push Gu Ai’an。
The male reporter saw Blue Xin without talking,Another aggressive question:“Blue Director,Why do not you speak?Why do you want to take care of Miss Anan?,What is deep hatred between you??
rumor,You are unmarried students”
Lu Haocheng suddenly angered:“shut up。”
And the male reporter suddenly laughed.,Quite quite arrogant:“Continental,We are in normal interview,You have no right to stop me。”
Lu Haocheng pulled him on his chest.,Throw it on the ground,One word ate angered:“Give me!”
The man saw his work card was thrown on the ground.,A strong humiliating moment is shrouded in the whole body。
He still smiled and looked at Lu Haozheng.,Say:“Continental,I just said.,Our normal interview。”
Lu Haozheng:“Yes?So people arrange you to interview here?Have you told you?,The temper of our Lu Hao is not very good.。”
Men listen,God’s slight change。
Lu Hao Cheng,I looked at him coldly.,Deep detection。
Mu Zihao also looked at the male reporter,The evil response response:“remember。”
What is it??Only them know。
At this time,The ambulance person came over,Those onlookers have given a road quickly。
Gu Anan was sent to ambulance.。
A male doctor said:“The family is here to go to the hospital with her.。”
Lan Xin looked at Lu Haoheng and Mu Zizi,Nothing,Silently climbed the ambulance。
“Damn!”Lu Haocheng was angry with anger,Also followed the ambulance。
The ambulance is very fast.。
Muzi fidelic looked at the male reporter,He turned around,Pick up the work card on the ground to see an eye。