Lu Hao Cheng’s straight,蹙 成 川 字,Grieve:“What do you find on my album??”

Mu Ziyou looked back at him.,Paste the eyebrows:“I seem to find your son.,I want to see a lot of photos in my child.?”
Lu Haochong quickly jumped from the sofa,Looking at the roar of Muzi:“Muzi,You are going out of the car.,Still entering the door, was clipped,When did I have a son?,I have always been self-love,That has a leaving?”
Lu Haochong is very crazy.,The whole person is around around a cool breath.。
Mu Zi Yu crossed him,Hand inserting the waist rode:“It seems that he is much higher.,Seven years ago, you don’t take a yellow flower girl to eat dry.,Human family leaves seven years,Does the family audio??”Mu Ziyi said,Continue to find。
“Then she doesn’t want my family to know her news.,It is also very likely to have other reasons.?”Lu Hao is straightforward,But some are insufficient。
then,It’s too strong,He really can’t help but。
Rush three cool water,He has not slowed over。
Mu Zihao squinted to him like a child,Ask:“Don’t say these first,You tell me,Your photo album,Obviously, I will help you put it here.,Where did you move??”
Look at Mu Zizi’s true look,Lu Hao refers to the building,“I went to the floor by me.。”
Mu Ziyou took a mobile phone on a table,Go forward:“go,Go upstairs with me。”
Lu Haocheng looked at him seriously,Asked in my heart,Can he not go??
How can he have a son??
This is simply a big joke。
but,His foot is still followed by Muzi。
Lu Hao Cheng’s room is very warm,Nordic style,Entroy,Give people a feeling of a home,Let the soul have a sense of belonging。
Bed on white white two meters wide,Light gray bedspread。
Wall position,A set of beige sofa,A scenic spot,Simple and exquisite,Exquisite and charm。
The curtains of the floor-to-ceiling window are kicked off,Can see the rolloth of stars in the night sky。
Room and study room next to。
Mu Ziqi knows his habit of things,Go directly into the study,Find his photo album to the sofa in Lu Hao。
Lu Hao Cheng is very nervous with him all the way.。
“boom!”Muzi Hui will return a few albums on white coffee table。
Lu Haocheng sat quickly on him:“Muzi,You are serious?”
Mu Zi does not see him,Instead, open the photo album to the photo of Haochun.:“Hao Jun,I have never been so serious!”
He looked at Lu Hao Cheng’s childhood photos,Soon, I flipped the photo of Lu Haozheng five or six years old.,He is excited to pick up,Put it on Lu Haozheng’s knee,He pointed to the child,“Lu Hao Cheng,This is you.?”
Lu Haocheng is a bitter,Tone:“not me,Is it you?!”
Does he have a handsome look??
Mu Zihong does not care with him,Quickly solve the password of your phone,I have already found it.,Unlocked,Just see a picture of a child。
The child on the picture wears a cool black dress,Concentrated hair slightly,With shallow smile,Young age,Star flank。
NS59chapter:You suspect that he is a son of Blue Xin