He has rewritten the top five patterns。

Since then,Summer fire,Among the rows of young generations。
He is a song all the way,Stamp out from 30,000 people,Once upon a time, one thousand to the first two hundred,Best to the first twenty。
No wonder, he dares to randomly draw his opponent。
That is not arrogant,http://www.dongejiao.cn Not a heart。
That is absolute confidence!
It’s also a glory that is full of glory.,Enter the top five。
Young generation of fireless fire,I have pushed into the brilliant。
This is the elder of the fire、Disciples、139Everyone in the palace,It’s just something that I can’t believe.。
It’s http://www.newlandshop.cn glory that I haven’t dream of dreams.。
Gratifying station,All the elders headed by the Warsaw River,All stand up,Summer warm applause。
They throw their identity,Milk masks of excitement and joy。
They know what this means。
This not only indicates,After countless years,The fire is finally a reverse day.,Re-enter the top five。
Representative,Talent showed in summer、War、And the mystery and rules contained in the last box……Let them see the hope of the fire rise!
Maybe after thousands of years,The fire will at least usher in a chaotic eight heavens。
Rear,Lin Feng、Fish right、Avenue、Tang Hao four people have reappeared on the ground。
They look at the eyes of summer,Abnormal complexity!
Already turned into a ruins,Sprinkle large seven colors。
Semi-air http://www.huioumen.cnisland,Jin Ding Dao is shot.,A point,Broken ring slowly repair,Re-evolution。
Five broken Han Bai Yuku,Also,Re-appearing behind the ring。
All over,Summer is going to go forward。
When he is sitting on the throne,The cheers of the mountains reached the vertices。
The town dragon is not nausea.。
He lost her mind oral,The same is equally related to the heart。
He did full,Worthy of master,Location,As for the record,That is not he can。
He didn’t like it.、Not good at fighting,Is not it。