“I know,I have helped how much back dumplings.,Can you still know??”

“Know,Then you look at the fire.!”
Su Qiang enlisted in Zhou’s position,Zhou was washed with a born dirty hand,I went to the yard to help.。
“Brother,You are coming out.?”
“rest assured,I am looking at the fire.!I came out to help,Let’s do it alive.。Waiting for the next day, dinner is not convenient.!”
“That’s true,Let’s have a hurry.!”
Three people are no longer chatting,Head,A drum is finished, the remaining filling is finished.。
A total of four full-curtain dumplings,Single。Looking at the white fat,Very cute。
“The dough is still,Ming children give you breakfast in the morning,Just can someone else。”
“Um,Steaming a few steamed buns make Hugh, they are on the road.。”
The big master put the remaining dough back in the basin,Still with cotton cloth,Then put it in the kitchen into the cupboard.。
Zhou’s followed by him,Take the dumplings in a curtain。
So more dumplings,Just enough Su family to eat!I must have to cook it.!
“daughter in http://www.asevia.cn law,This pot should be good.,You come out to let the children taste fresh!”
Wongli unveiled the pot cover,Instant kitchen becomes hot,Smoke diffuse
The aroma is also coming with
NS73chapter Wronged
“Come and eat dumplings.,Today, take enough!This pot will give you fine first.,Keep it delicious!”
Niu Niu suddenly felt that his mother is very like a small two in the restaurant.,Self-selling,
“Come,Niu Niu,Try a taste!”
The mother is put in the dumplings in your bowl,Niu Niu bite a bit。
Don’t you want to eat,It’s too hot, don’t go to your mouth.。
Dumpling skin
Wild vegetables
Niu Niu Xiaokou small mouth to eat sweet,I didn’t take care of it.。
“Is it tasty?”
“good to eat!”
Niu Niu also drunk the soup of the bowl.,Satisfied licking lips。
Dumplings are really a magical eating,These three things are single,It’s so http://www.sxzhongkai.cn satisfying and satisfying that it can be eaten.。
The taste is also different from other foods.。
The first pot of dumplings is almost the same as a few children.,A hot risks are sent to the mouth。
Although the girl eats slowly,But I can’t stop someone giving her clip.!Heap in the bowl is high than others.,She only takes care of her head.!
Soon the second pot of the third pot dumpling is also on the table.,Su family is sitting around the table,Eat hot air,Warm heart and warm stomach。