Science and technology enrollment real estate to create a wisdom life experience

  The emergence of smart home facilitates people’s lives; the development of smart cities has improved urban resource operation efficiency, optimizing urban management and services, in order to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Beijing City, general manager, orange pomelo technology CEO Wang Bao Guo believes that "the construction of smart cities not only requires external intelligent development, but also needs the inner and values ??from humanity.

Let the city life is better, it is the pursuit of orange pomelo. "On September 9, Beijing City Strategy Investment Orange Pomelo Technology, the Orange Texture Products for" Orange Breeze, Zhizhi Future "in Beijing. It is reported that this is the establishment of orange pomelo technology, since the first time The Group’s level is released. The epidemic changed to a certain extent, the public’s design and planning cognition, safe, efficient, intelligent, and convenient, and convenience of many people’s housing and renovation.

Based on this, at the meeting, Orange Pomelo Technology Synchronously released smart home products "orange biting gold" smart door lock, "orange nature" net water dispenser. "There will be more intelligent products." Wang Bao Guo said that the orange science and technology attaches great importance to the coordination of people and living environment, and the operation will be handled, clean and create a safe, comfortable, convenient and energy-saving home environment.

  At present, the real estate market has changed from incremental to stocks, developers actively seek transformation and upgrades, transforming to services and operators, especially with digital technology such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, ushered in the real estate industry New intelligent wave. At the same time, with the development of digital technology, smart home, smart community and even smart cities gradually be deeply rooted, and a large number of companies have also entered the wisdom development track.

Wang Bao Guo said, "Smart city brings more than just high-tech residential, business, and technology competition. There is an idea, capable housing enterprise, with new model, new ideas, new management leads the front and talents. "According to reports, the orange pomelo technology has established the positioning of" Smart City Operators "since its establishment, and the business is mainly focused on smart city, smart town, smart community, and smart science and technology research and development, with a view to providing wisdom life. Experience.

  When talking about Orange Pomelo Technology as a Beijing Chengshi Strategic Investment Company, how to combine its own advantages with the group, Wang Bao Guo said that Orange Tech Technology has advanced science and technology, and the imagination and understanding of wisdom life compared to real estate groups. It will be more rational, systematically, and scenes, from the perspective of technology, the empowerment of the real estate group, will produce 1 + 1> 2 effect.

"Orange Pomelo Technology plays technical advantages, the city house group provides the test site and complement."