Take the school to broaden the road (vocational education is wide)

The picture shows the Jiangxi Environmental Engineering Vocational College Students Peng Hongjun to participate in the vocational skill competition furniture production project.

  Xiong Jie (People Visual) Core reading puts the professionalism classroom access to the production line, establish a professional dynamic adjustment mechanism, cultivates the "two-way" teacher team … In recent years, Jiangxi Province has improved the investment guarantee mechanism, adjustment evaluation index In terms of starting, attract vocational education into regional economic and social development global planning, and continuously enhance the adaptability of vocational education. 8 major categories of virtual simulation teaching areas, can accommodate 10,000 students internship training, teaching scenario visual, stereo, interactive … in Nanchang, Jiangxi, the main building of the national vocational education virtual simulation demonstration training base is basically completed. Take the professional education class to enter the production line, let the students’ training does not leave the dead end, the completion of the virtual simulation demonstration training base, in order to solve the problem of "entering, not seeing, not moving, it is difficult to reproduce" vocational education training problem brought New thinking, also became a minority of high quality development in vocational education in Jiangxi.

In recent years, the Jiangxi provincial government attaches great importance to vocational education, vocational education into regional economic and social development planning, investment guarantee mechanism through the establishment of vocational education funding year by year, the vocational education into the development of high-quality appraisal, implementation of enabling technologies undergraduate personnel experimental work, etc., to enhance the adaptability of vocational education.

Specialty precision docking local industrial precision docking local industry, cultivate "lingua franca, good use" of technical personnel, vocational colleges For both challenges and opportunities.

Ganzhou, Jiangxi Nankang area known as "the carpenter of the town" reputation, has a large furniture company, product upgrades in recent years, faced with the furniture, furnishings talent shortage situation. Jiangxi Vocational College of Environmental Engineering niche, Nankang District signed an agreement with the government, to build a platform for the integration of production and education – Nankang furniture School. Now, every student before graduation, it will be business "reservation."

"Jiangxi vocational college graduates each year up to 28 million, or more than 90% employment rate of vocational graduates, vocational graduate employment rate of over 95%.

"Jiangxi Provincial Education Department Director Guo Jiezhong introduction, behind the high employment rate, Jiangxi constantly optimize the professional structure, deepen the integration of the results of production and education.

Focus aviation, electronic information, Chinese medicine, new energy and other key industries, Jiangxi Vocational and Technical School introduced a professional management methods, and establish professional dynamic adjustment mechanism, promote the professional to go around the industry. Nothing to do with the development of local industries specializing no, no professional local enterprises do not open, Gian Vocational and Technical College adhere to this principle in professional settings, the construction of a number set of personnel training, technology research and development, social services in one of the characteristics industrial college, become a beautiful card of local investment. In addition, the Group of School Education to carry out professional help to break the boundaries of education and industry to address the "dislocation" between education supply side issues and demand side of the industry to some extent.

Guo Jiezhong said, "Based on this consideration, the formation of various types of Jiangxi Vocational Education Group 20, the first demonstration of Vocational Education Group (Alliance) cultivating units last year published, Jiangxi there are four on the list." Encourage high-level, highly skilled talent as a teacher in August 2019, on the forty-fifth session of the World skills competition held in Kazan, Russia, Shaw stars in electrical installation project champion, China achieved a gold medal in this project "breakthrough." Today, Shaw star has a new identity – Jiangxi Electronic Information Engineering school teachers.

Currently, he is doing guidance for the three seeded players participate in the next World Skills Competition.

Both theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience, the most scarce vocational schools is such a "double" teachers. Starting this year, Jiangxi explore the implementation of "dual-channel" teacher recruitment system, that is, from holders of the relevant fields of vocational skills certificates graduates, vocational and technical teacher graduates and businesses with more than 3 years of work experience and vocational qualifications of personnel with more than two channels of recruitment of specialized teachers. It also provides high-level, highly skilled personnel as full-time teachers, may open recruitment by direct study of the way; support vocational institutions required to employ won honors in the skills competition of technical experts as professional teachers; promote the formation of "fixed posts + flow post, "double structure with double quality of both the teaching team, school teachers and other part-time jobs should be independent in accordance with the number of not less than 20% of the establishment and scale. " ‘Dual channel’ teacher recruitment system can not only solve a single teacher recruitment channels vocational schools, teaching staff quality is not high, it does not increase the financial burden, in line with the actual Jiangxi.

"Guo Jiezhong said.

Today, Jiangxi vocational schools have full-time teachers people, through the implementation of school-enterprise build a double teacher training base, the establishment of enterprises teachers in rotation system, strengthen job training newly recruited teachers to carry out measures such as the old with the new, the team the ability to continue the quality of teachers promote.

Vocational skills training for the community "had chosen to Jinggangshan tourism college, be on the right path.

"Today as a tourist guide in Jinggangshan scenic forest Ciping Juan mixed feelings," Now I income of 10 million a year, living conditions have been greatly improved.

Originally lived in mud huts occasionally leaking, now live in a small three-story building of the parents also feel very happy.

"" If there is no training course, how could I go to business.

"After participating in" rejuvenating cousins ??training ", Ganzhou Xingguo County farmer Kang Fengying not only started her own studio, also took the initiative to Jiangxi Agricultural University e-commerce professional training, hoping his career grew and grew.

Help rural revitalization, has much to offer vocational schools. In 2020, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education to integrate resources, targeted development programs and projects for the training of 580 poor, poverty accurate employment and training services. Annual orientation training village "two committees" cadres, the new professional farmers 4,000 people, thousands of migrant workers to accept the degree continuing education, providing solid support for the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. Jiangxi vocational schools also actively carry out vocational skills training and continuing education workers, community education, education for senior citizens, migrant workers and other education and training services in enterprises, institutions, communities, and a number such as "An away snacks training," "rejuvenating Biaosao training "" inland crew skills training "and other influential brand of training, effectively stimulating employment.

Calculated per person per day in 2020, Jiangxi higher vocational schools to carry out non-academic training million, including technical skills training million. (Hu Tian participate in written) "People’s Daily" (April 21, 2021 08 edition) (Editor: Lorna, Ye Chiu).