"2021 Shaanxi Yao Taihe Medical Senior Noodle Academic Forum" successfully held Xi’an Chinese Medicine Hospital in Xi’an Hospital – Xi’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

In order to further do a good job in the inheritance of the old Chinese medicine, promote the academic thinking and clinical experience of Chinese medicine, improve the ability of traditional Chinese medicine, and cultivate high-level Chinese medicine outstanding talents, exchange promotion of geography experience, and to commemorate Mr. Yao Shujin. After approval by the Shaanxi Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, the provincial continuing education project hosted by Xi’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital "Shaanxi Yao Taihe Medical Senior Near Academic Forum" was successfully held in Xi’an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital on November 06. This training course takes place in the form of online conference, with a total viewing of more than 10,000. The meeting invited Xiao Bing, Xi Bing, Xi’an, Xi’an, and delivered speeches.

The deputy dean of Xiao Bing pointed out that it is necessary to do the excavation, organizing and carry forward the inheritance of Yao Tai and medical experience. This is the best to remember and comfort to Mr. Yao Lao! Joos Li, director of the old disease department, served as Chairman of the General Assembly of this academic forum. This academic activity specially invited many well-known experts inside and outside the provincial and foreign experts: Wang Xiaoming, director of the Secretary of the Air Force Military Medical University, Brings Professor of the "Diagnosis and Treatment of Chinese Experts in the Elderly Chronic Heart Failure" Interpretation; Nanjing Nanjing Hospital, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wang Director Wang Director, Director of the Director of the Laoxiao, explained the mechanism and status of "Insomnia Cognitive Behavior Treatment Technology (CBT-I) to regulate the sleep – related disorder of the old people; the Associate Dean of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Zhang Junhua, director of the evidence-based medicine center, did a wonderful report of "Training of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Assessment"; Wang Kaijun, Director of the Governance Division of Baoji City Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Qiu Jianqiang, director of the Xi’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, respectively discussed "Five Yun Six The clinicalness of gas and Chinese medicine and "The Clinical Application of Guizhi Law" makes everyone have a deeper understanding and understanding of traditional medicine.

Li Xiaoying, Yao Shi and Medical Decisions, Male, and Director of Male, Representative Inheritance, Director Wang Weibi, the main inheritance of Joos Li, a member of the school, and Wang Hui, deputy director of the medical department, from different perspectives and fields respectively In the form of multi-angle, multi-top analysis, the formation and development of Yao’s Taihe Medical Decisions, academic origins, genres, inheritance ideas, and episode. The success of this training course is held for the development of Yao Tai and medical experience in Shaanxi, and has a positive driving role in the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine in Chinese medicine; for promoting Chinese medicine Academic thinking and episode experience promotion and application, enhance traditional Chinese medicine service capabilities, and cultivate high-level Chinese medicine outstanding talents play a role in demonstration.

A colorful teaching content has been widely recognized and welcomed by participants.

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