Visiting Xi’an "Double 11" express point epidemic prevention and control measures: 3 times a day to kill Xi’an Double 11-Xi’an News

[Abstract] In the past few days, the reporter visited some express business sites to see how "Double 11" under the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control, how happy, rest assured online shopping.

  Today is "Double 11", and it is a day of concentrated online shopping.

When the package "Walwood Water Warm" is in the hands of the consumer, is it safe? In the case of the epidemic prevention and control, how to receive the package should be safe to take the next day, the reporter visits some express business points to see the "double 11" under the prevention and control of the epidemic "How happy, rest assured online shopping. Logistics: Newly adding artificial atomization, unloading, killing, sorting, loading, delivery … November 10 afternoon, in SF Express Shaanxi District Changan Express operating business point, various work is in an orderly manner. The staff told reporters that during the "Double 11" period, the company will continue to strengthen the delivery of vehicle timed positioning and killing and courier daily temperature monitoring, work and rest, the whole process of wearing masks, "SF outfits inside the site 2 times a day, and retain daily killed bills, at the same time, the employee of the admission is measured once a day. "At 14:35, a truck turned into SF Northwest Distribution Center Xi’an Yidong Transfer, Express Wear masks, open the car door, hand-held spray to spray the sterilized spray to the wrapped surface, and then unload to the conveyor belt. About 20 minutes later, hundreds of bags filled with hundreds of packages were all unloaded and killed one by one, and sent them to the customer in the hands of the customer after being sorted by region. Li Xiaoliang, the person here, the center has recently added 13 artificial atomization and killing points, setting the front end, mid-end and ends of the express parcel operation, do a good job in unloading, sorting, set packaging car three-way killing Anti-line. "Atomization killing point can do without dead angle, and reducing the time of repeated loading and unloading.

"Li Xiaoliang said that a parcel has taken a homogenization and killing, but it takes only five or six seconds.

"Express point: 3 times a day in fact, this year’s" Double 11 "online shopping carnival is earlier than in previous years. From October 20th, the first wave is started," buy buy "has begun. At this stage, the family needs of the necessary life materials are temporarily outbreak, and the order volume has soared to the day, including food, department store, beauty, life appliance, etc. As the Xi’an Oak Bay E District Ceremony, Li Wei It has also entered the "preparation" state early. "Usually the amount of parcel per day is about 500 pieces, the amount of parcel is coming on October 25, 600-800 per day, on November 5, 6 days, two days, reached Nearly 1000 pieces.

"30 square meters of storefront, putting so many packages are not easy, Li Wei can only put large packages at the door, wait until the evening, then collect it in the store.

  He told reporters that there are two time periods per day, 11: 00–14: 00, 17: 00 – 20: 00.

"Double 11 ‘major express company people are also tense, usually can be delivered at 10:20 in the morning, may be sent around 13:00, just have a time difference with the peak of the morning pickup, can digest a part of the express, Take out some shelves. "From 9:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night, Li Wei is going to disinfect 3 times in the store. Citizens who came from picking from taking them, under his request, presented health code, wearing masks, measuring body temperature, etc. The consumer can be sprayed on the consumer, disinfecting the wrapped surface. Citizen: Take the express delivery measures reporter to the entrance of the Dongmen Cuisine Cuisine Station, Yanta District, Yanta District, and the public is wrapped in a mask.

"I didn’t say that someone had a wrapped result. The health code was yellow. I will pay special attention now. There will be express delivery, I will see the first time, cautiously charged." In a word marked "China Post" On the package, the reporter saw that the outer packaging is sticked to "the international express mail has been disinfected. Please disinfect the internal and installation, pay attention to safety protection".

  "I specially pick this time, this point to get the express delivery, there are more afternoon, there is no mask, I can’t ask others, I can only do it yourself." Citizen Li Jingjing told reporters that "I usually remove the package outside the express delivery, there is a spray of alcohol after home," the rookie station in the first phase of Lianhu District, located in the community. The person in charge introduces that although the space is limited in the store, it is still possible to open a passage of the express delivery, while reminding everyone to queue. "Mask 3" "Sweeping Code" "Don’t worry, slowly come" … The store staff reminded from time to time.

  "People in the express delivery station, wearing gloves, holding sterilized spray with the hand.

I think it can increase the promotion of promotion in this area, such as the use of video advertisements between cell elevators, adding anti-prevention knowledge about express parcels, and improving everyone’s safety and epidemic prevention awareness.

"Citizen Chen Xiaogang, who is picking express delivery.

  Expert reminder: first disinfection and then open the box how to properly and safely pay the express delivery of Xi’an CDC Medical Basic Research Researcher Wang Xin’s suggestion, from the pickup before picking up, the item processing after going home, the whole process Be a good protection.

Specifically, you can divide five steps.

  In the first step, remember to do a good job before picking up, wearing a one-time medical mask, there is a condition to wear disposable gloves; second step, pick up the peak pickup when picking up, and avoid gathering.

No contact pickup, try to maintain 1 m safe distance, and during the entire pickup process, both hands does not touch the eyes, nose, mouth and other parts.

  After picking up, use 75% alcohol, disinfecting wipes, chlorine-containing disinfectants, etc. Or disinfected wipes wipe the goods packaging, the demolished item packaging is treated according to the domestic waste. In time, use the solar solution, soap cleaning, and the handle time is not less than 15 seconds; the item is handled carefully, and the surface of the general item can be wiped after 75% alcohol or disinfecting wipes. After the fabric article is cleaned, then use , Fresh food is high temperature and then eat. Our reporter Shi Yihan intern Hu Wei Source: Sanqin Metropolis Daily.