Pingguo City held a high-level social governance modernization pilot and rural governance work promotion

The meeting is required. All departments at all levels should put the pilot work, as a "one hand" project, seriously study planning, dispatching deployment, timely research, solving problems and difficulties.

Each township should rely on intraventrients, market supervision, comprehensive law enforcement, convenience services and other platforms, strengthen grassroots social governance and public service functions, and open the nerve endings of social governance. To continue to enhance the social collaboration effect, improve the government to organize the functional matters to the social organization, the government will purchase service lists to the social organization, focus on the development of urban and rural grassroots living services, public welfare charity, professional adjustment, treatment and maintenance, etc. Social organization Best to play the positive role of the power of all walks of life in the urban social governance.

We must pay attention to the promotion of the goals of the masses to actively participate in the pilot work, and achieve the goal of "everyone to participate, everyone to do our best."

To continue to strengthen the supervision, accurate development of assessment programs, monthly or quarterly dispatched pilot promotion, each year’s acceptance and examination, scientific assessment of various responsible subject work work, with responsibility assessment mechanism to ensure that it is in place.