Tianlin, Guangxi: Picturesque

Bagui Yao Township is located in the southwest of Tianlin County, Guangxi, Dongxi Town, South and Niki Township and Yunning County, Yunnan Province, is bordered in Fuining County, Yunnan Province, and the west of Baxi Yao Township and Northern Township.The countryside is beautiful, the scenery is picturesque, there is a river in the jurisdiction, there is a wonderful source, the six-day river, the eight-river, Pingliuhe, Eight High, and the water resources is relatively rich.The river has many kinds of wild rivers, and it is delicious, specially known as the Wah River fish, and the dried fish is more fish.There is also a major construction project of Waun Hydropower Station in the jurisdiction. The Waun Hydropower Station is a water conservancy project based on power generation, taking into account the comprehensive utilization of water supply, flood control, shipping. The project is investing billion yuan. The design annual power generation is about 7 billion kWh.It is an important part of the country’s West Electronics.(Luo Yizhen, Luo Jiahao, Huang Ming) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Huang Yuxi) Share more people to see.