Wang Wenfeng: Teaching in hand, let more people benefit from popular work

The most important thing we have made by the scientific research results is the most important thing for the scientific research. The most direct application is the most direct application of farmers, especially Tibetan farmers. "Wang Wenfeng said that doing application research should be directly Production, let the people know and accept, so this is very important.

"We often carry out science activities such as hand handle teaching, opening, and special training, and teach us some of our results and technologies to the people.

"Wang Wenfeng believes that technology is the early, popular science is practical, and science and technology workers need to let more people to use our science technology.

Lending down the body exchange and breaking concern prejudice Wang Wenfeng said that from 2004, he has been doing things in the bee, and has encountered many difficulties.

Since the Tibet people have never seen the bees, especially in the valley area, when they first started to promote professor, they were obedient and dislike. Because the bee is bitter, the locals say that he is "biting the fly". Later, they did a lot of popular science work, let the people around you first know the bees, understanding itself is a protective role in the ecological environment.

Have opponents say that the bee eats the rapeseed flower, causing the oil production production to reduce production, and they have added the data to the people to increase the production of rapeseeds. As a result, Tibet people slowly accept this income.

After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, more and more people accept this, and have formed a separate industry, this is the power of science. Finally, Wang Wenfeng said that "Tour 2020 Science China" this activity allows more audience to understand the work of scientific communication characters, so that popular science knowledge is broader.