Eight-step area carefully built "sweeping yellow and hit" brand publicity activities

Recently, Hezhou Bayu District "Sweeping Yellows and Matter, 2021" into the grassroots preaching week activities to carry out the campus culture atmosphere of Renyi Town, create a campus culture atmosphere of safety, health, civilization, and promote special action work and organic integration of school teaching work.

At the event, through "sweeping the yellow and hit" knowledge, the infringement pirated publication identification, "sweeping the yellow and playing" has a prize question and answer, set up "protects seedlings", signing, etc., call on teachers and students to defend the green reading environment with practical actions, The "sweeping the yellow and hitting the mysterium" action is implemented. Since this year, the eight-section area has focused on vigorously promoting the concept of "sweeping the yellow and playing" action. The promotional activities such as the promotion activities of the propaganda have developed a variety of topic education to create a healthy and orderly cultural market environment. As of November 10, the eight-step area launched three rounds of regional training, and distributed 4,000 publicity posters, 1,000 fold promotion materials (Zhang), 21 suspension banners, issued "Pirated Publication Identification Training Materials" More than 4,000, "green bookmarks", call on the issue of love publication issued units to give genuine teaching and private materials worth more than 100,000 yuan. (Editor: Liu Jia, Ye Bin) Share let more people see.