From "sphenoid" to "thin white child", not to let "the only color value" crooked thinking to embark on the road

Now, in the course of lifting the value of the Yen, a number of young people is nothing less than "fight." From "leg nerve block" to "elf ears" Beauty skin care from the doctors to the United States to lose weight shaping, Yan economic value in the strong market demand more and more fiery.

Some even due to unscientific, unhealthy and even disfiguring surgery and the loss of precious lives.

Wash "Yan value anxiety" Qi heavy price.

"Wei Yan value" mentality vigorous, fueled inseparable from stakeholders.

In order to capture attention, stimulate consumer desire, a lot of US medical, Beauty merchants aid from media outlets exaggerated compelling discourse, such as the spread of "the era of the face by not lag behind at the starting line" and anxiety, in order to make huge profits.

First, consumers face value reduced to disguise economic circles to be harvested, "leek", and after using the product to strengthen the "expect to be recognized," the heart desires.

In the face value fueled mental comparisons, the US medical, Beauty high-profit industry has considerable market space.

At the same time, the overall atmosphere of mass culture has also brought to the subtle influence of social psychology.

Age of the Internet "traffic is king", the pursuit of spiritual and cultural products "fast consumption."

In the process of groping for profit "new formula", the cultural producers found from film, music, to literature, sports, becoming the face by suction eye magic captured traffic. In the webcast, video and other media short blessing, "rely on face to eat" spread the culture of the whole society, bringing the overall aesthetic change in wind direction.

"Heart of beauty in everyone," to maintain clean, healthy and positive image is the pursuit of a better life performance. Whether the objective yearning for natural beauty, art, appearance, etc., in the internal or spiritual needs of the United States, good things can always continue to spur people to become the driving force behind efforts to forge ahead. Manage their appearance, stature through positive, healthy, scientific and rational way, help to promote personal self-improvement in self-reliance in.

While we praise and encouragement of inner beauty, not one-sided pursuit of external beauty as the impetuous, superficial behavior. However, the value of the Yen by no means a measure of the primary criterion of personal qualities, but also non-unique standards.

"Wei Yan value" has been criticized, the problem lies on a "only" word.

From "sphenoid" to "White Young thin" current, "Yan Wei value" crooked thinking more and more took to the road at the expense of the health of the cost, not only harm the individual’s body, a departure from the more healthy, civilized fashion.

Under pathological pursuit of "Yan Wei value" of the atmosphere within the volume, looks ordinary in the eyes of some people actually became "sin" or even just "no color value" will be "one-vote veto" as long as "high-value Yen "will be able" green light. "

"Three Views features to go along with" "color value that is justice" and other paranoid vulgar remarks bring impetuous, one-sided and many other adverse social vanity.

Since this ancient, "inner beauty is more important than outer beauty" are irrefutable justice philosophy. In the long time scales, those simple but precious inner spiritual quality has always been more cherished by the whole society. Crack "Wei Yan value" concept "curse", and create a positive atmosphere value, worth the whole society collaboration. First, we should give full play to the front of the mainstream media and the cultural industry guide. Stick to business ethics, not deliberately hype, overly rendering "Yan high value" atmosphere, timely expose and criticize the "color value that is justice" and other vulgar values, the social network for unhealthy and even harm life "beauty", "shaping" content to be severe combat restrictions to curb the proliferation of morbid aesthetics.

Second, we must strengthen the supervision of the US medical, Beauty and other industries. For the name of "change America" banner, actually crack down on illegal harvesting healthy young bodies.

Regulate the market conduct propaganda, restore service authenticity, contain "color value anxiety." Third, it must by selected tree advanced model, increase the intensity of praise, and create the right aesthetic.

It is undeniable that in some network platforms, "Yen high value were" really easier to "suck eye." This gives a misguided "Yan important than the intrinsic value" of.

For this, we should make full use of the advantages of the main channel, so that high moral character, fine style, talented, conservation, have to play people come under the spotlight, walked to center stage and become role models era.

Goes face before Hua Changqing. Numerous facts have proven themselves in order to become more excellent, only through continuous experience, learning to filling their inner world. The so-called "chest often new moon and the United States," Let us work together, create more outstanding in his own higher spiritual pursuit.