Fenyi County Tax official: families play a role in promoting disciplined work style rectification

Recently, the State Administration of Taxation Fenyi County, the Inland Revenue Department in the tax system to promote the discipline of special work style issues, and always adhere to high standards of planning, to promote high-quality, high-efficiency principles landing implement the provisions of the action, and in close connection with the actual situation of Fenyi county tax actively mobilize the cadres and workers and their families to participate in the style of management work, and achieved good results. On the basis of full coverage of the pre-talk conversation carried out on the party committee recognized that the council alone is to strengthen the warning education of cadres and workers is not enough, you want an urgent need for effective supervision of tentacles extend to effectively focus on the families of cadres and workers are warning education, by cultivating good "honest wife" "good wife" approach, the ideological trend care and attention to the cadres and workers of the families of workers and their families all the time in prison the law tree consciousness, so that they keep a clear head, so that the cadres and workers of timely help cadres, time to find sign of trouble, the tendency to carry out timely and symptoms of the problem of education, cadres and workers to help recognize problems, hold the bottom line of the law, the red line.

Notified a number of negative examples.

By cadres and their families held a plenary meeting of the representatives, informed the two opposite typical problems, on-site disposal of the superior party committee read out the decision and ordered the parties to make a profound review of the site. The families of cadres and workers have said that drunk driving drunk driving harm to others, and will supervise remind each other, whenever and wherever, will abandon chances, responsible for working with action on their own, for their families.

Send a number of warning education manual. Fenyi county bureau party committee to seriously sort Fenyi county in recent years, the tax system and investigate violations of the provisions of the central eight spirit, formalism, bureaucracy, drunk driving drunk driving and other cases, published as a "warning education manual" to the families of all the staff payment.

To things around education, alert people around the release of discipline reserved, strict discipline must signal.

To carry out a thematic warning education seminars. County Council invited the police brigade police officers to carry out drunk driving drunk driving warning educational seminars, lectures from traffic accident prevention, accident cases as a starting point, take the form of a statement of the case, revealing and profoundly expounded the serious consequences caused by drunk driving drunk driving. 7 minute warning education sessions to carry out global staff and their families (including temporary recruits) a total of 500 people attended the screenings minute warning education seminars.

Send a theme proposal. "Inheriting fine family tradition style strict discipline" for the family members issued a written proposal every theme cadres and workers, the families of workers and cadres to every detail Fenyi county tax disciplined style of the rectification of the situation, the system elaborated for violation of discipline family harm, demonstrated a profound commitment to counties in this special rectification work.

After the next issue written proposal, the families of cadres and workers have responded to support all families have signed the proposal, indicated that it will actively cooperate with the county bureau work, do a good job eight hours outside supervision and supervision.

Carry out a family member talk talk forum. Fenyi County, the Inland Revenue Department held a "family help clean" talk talk forum, more than 50 family members attended the meeting. County bureau party committee initiative of all cadres and workers and their families to take the lead cherish the good life, study, party discipline and state laws, learn positive character, standing in the family, tutoring, family traditions of view, fully understand the significance in the renovation of the family style ills aspects of a good " propagandists "," goalkeeper "," supervisor. "

"Knows nothing doubts nothing", the majority of tax cadres and workers in the social environment and family roles among families with the formation of "collaboration from within" situation, ideological cadres dependents for tax baptism moments, often sounded the alarm bell, with good family tradition conservation style tax cadres, the real master switch screw tightening tax cadres thinking, help to know the fear, lawlessness. Next, the Inland Revenue Department Fenyi county party committee will build on existing initiatives play a role, continue to change according to the specific circumstances, the introduction of additional measures to local conditions, give full play to the role of the majority tax cadres families, promote discipline style issues of special rectification work to achieve greater results. (Jin Hu, Liu Yan Health) (Editor: Lorna, Shuai Jun) share to allow more people to see.