Double 5G ignited "Yuan Cosm" cloud VR hug new era

"VR makes the world more exciting! Integrate development, innovation applications!" 2021 World VR Industry Conference with this new theme, let Double 5G and cloud VR passion, as the "national team" "main army" in information construction, China Telecom is destined to become an important support for the future "Yuancos".

On October 20, China Telecom Jiangxi Company and Huawei jointly hosted a high-quality "Double 5G + Cloud VR Subject Forum", jointly discipline the development of VR industry, depicting VR commercial new blueprints, and released XR Pangu Plan.

In the double 5G + cloud VR theme forum, China Telecom Jiangxi Party Party Secretary, General Manager Xiao Liunan said that China Telecom Jiangxi Company will focus "Gigabit 5G and Gigabit Broadband (F5G)" Double 5G + Cloud VR core advantage, in-depth promotion " The Eight Capacity Building of Cloud Network, Digital Animation, fully promoting the development of VR industry, innovation breakthrough.

Adhere to cloud network integration, build a new base for the VR industry; adhere to the ability to cultivate new engines for the development of VR industry; adhere to the ecological integration, to broaden the new fields of the VR industry, together with the majority of partners, and join hands with the great era, together Create a digital civilization. Li Anmin, Chairman of China Telecom New National Wallet Co., Ltd., issued the "Innovation and Layout of the New National Wheel" in the Future – New National Universe XR Business, which means that the new national pulse will rely on China’s telecommunications network integration resources Advantages, focusing user service scenarios, building a metacle product matrix, in terms of content, capital, and policies, in terms of industrial partners, and promote XR ecological development. Double 5G to create a cloud VR new engine 2020, the provincial capital Nanchang VR related industrial income is approximately 2.2 billion, and it is expected to exceed 50 billion in 2021. The VR industry has been included in the province’s "2 + 6 + N" industry high-quality leap development action plan, will accelerate the development of VR industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and promote "VR +" demonstration application to create a world-class VR center.

In recent years, China Telecom Jiangxi Company actively practice the "cloud reform" strategy, give full play to comprehensive leading advantages such as 5G, Gigabit broadband, Tianyi cloud VR platform, providing production from VR content, terminal customization to channel promotion, customer operation All processes, integrated solutions, focusing on key areas such as education, Wen Travel, poverty alleviation, organizing a series of innovative projects and characteristics, providing high quality VR services for users to promote the development of VR industry.

As a red central enterprise in the red land, China Telecom Jiangxi Company is stressed to the beginning of the people, the spiritual blood, based on Jiangxi characteristics, through the double 5G + cloud VR, give full play to the integration advantage of cloud network, improve the double 5G network coverage, comprehensive layout cloud and big Data centers, build "service types, technology types, safety" enterprises, which have strongly promote the upgrading of industrial digital transformation, and helps the three-year-old system of harvesting, helping Jiangxi’s digital economy. Cloud VR is a new generation of information technology such as VR and 5G, artificial intelligence, super HD video, etc., which has become an important promotion of high-quality development and intelligent change in the industry. The VR industry has become an emerging industry with huge development prospects. . In the 2021 World VR Industry Conference, China Telecom Booth, China Telecom Jiangxi Company built a smart WITT, digital rural, smart community, VR wisdom driving test, urban brain, Tiantong satellite, industrial Internet platform, quantum communication – quantum Specifications and other fields, "Black Technology" is cool, and many applications are exciting, and the scientific visual feast is present, attracting the attention of the participants.

"Yuancos" invites you to experience the first year of "Yun" in 2021, as the next stage of the Internet, is a virtual reality of AR, VR, 3D.

The major digital technology giants have entered the "Yuan Cosen" and the VR industry is brewing a new round of rapid development. At the 2021 World VR Industry Conference, the large screen of China Telecom Booth can clearly see some of the national and Jiangxi’s partial cloud case. China Telecom Tianyi Cloud has helped hundreds of thousands of customers in the country to achieve "enterprises."

With the in-depth advancement of double 5g + cloud VR innovation, the new ecology of virtual reality applications will continue to emerge.

I believe that in the common vision of "5G E-Digital Economy XR to build a beautiful life", China Telecom will join hands with many industrial partners to surprise.

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