Haidong tax is injecting the "tax power" into the national unity

Haidong City tax system grasps the main tone of national unity, combined with Multi-national characteristics of Haidong City, with "party construction leads, tax companies to build, service first" as the starting point, condense national unity "heart", build Huiminli The people "Connected Bridge", the chain of the convenience "same heart", constantly written the new chapter of the nation, help the party history and education. The party construction leads to condensed the national unity "head".

The Haidong City tax system always uses the party’s ideological construction as a leadership, adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership, will serve local economic and social development, condense the development of tax forces to help ethnic regions, contribute to the national unity and development. The city’s tax system party committee and all grassroots party organizations actively study a variety of formal parties to promote national unity’s work programs, measures, and provide a solid system guarantee for the promotion of national unity.

All grassroots party organizations established eight "party members pioneers" to serve as the responsibility of "obligatory publicity" and "policy counselors", embarked on the streets, in-depth enterprises, into the poverty alleviation village to introduce the national theory of the party , National policies, national legal and national basic knowledge, and combined with tax work for them to explain the tax relief policy and minority entrepreneurial support policies. In the tax hall, "Party Volunteer Service Post" fully played the exemplary role of party members, using "bilingual" to answer tax questions from minority taxpayers to obtain a unanimous praise from minority taxpayers. Tax Culture builds Huimin Leimin "Connected Bridge". Haidong City tax system is closely combined with taxation work, give full play to the role of party organizations and group organizational bridges, according to the actual situation of rural resolution and the characteristics of local national characteristics, open the road of common development in ethnic areas, build Huimin Limin "Connected Bridge".

The Haidong City Taxation Bureau went to Sanlian Village in Ma Ying Town, Minhe County, and issued 122 "mother mail packages" for poverty poor, and delivered the true feelings of society.

The tax authorities at all levels of the city shall undertake a total of 11 villages in the village to help the mission, and 11 of the village cadres are fighting in the rural revitalization.

All levels of trade unions play the organization’s advantages, build "help the village + farmers + tax authorities + cadre workers" supply and demand bridge, let the "vegetable garden" direct "vegetable plate", which has strongly solved the problem of unmarketing difficulty. Up to now, the city system purchases the country’s revitalization to help the village of the village, 20,000 pounds of the walnuts. The service acts as a total of charm of the river.

Haidong City Tax System gives full play to the exemplary role of party members, coordinates party pioneers to carry out targeted help service activities in various industries, implement the specific measures of all ethnic groups to work, and further promote national unity and progress. . In mid-September, the 7th minority gaming meeting in Qinghai Province was held in Haidong City. In order to ensure the smooth progress of this event, the Haidong City Taxation Bureau established a volunteer service leading group, actively took the initiative to organize the organizing committee, group municipal committee, etc. The relevant departments conducted communication, selection of more than 200 party volunteers participated in the volunteer service of 10 days of 14 sportsmen, assisting public security, health and other departments to maintain the order of the stadium, ensuring safer and orderly manner. Mutual County Taxation Bureau Party Tax Propaganda Volunteers and Turban Embroidery Production Base – Bansang Pan Embroidery Garden Change Tax Policy, which conveys tax preferential policies for the Personnel of Ban Yutong Base.

Through the support and tax propaganda volunteers of the tax policy, 394 households, 1414 people, and more than 1414 people.

A embroidered mother said: "Last time you come to promote, let me learn to pay social security on mobile phones, this time it has brought a good policy, thanks to the party, thank you.

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