Fine manufacturing services help small and medium micro enterprises hold over taxes "winter"

To conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy, support manufacturing small and medium micro enterprise development, and promote the smooth operation of the industrial economy, the State Administration of Taxation Xining City, the Inland Revenue Department attaches great importance to quickly respond to tax policy implementation arrangements for the work, organizational learning the significance of contents of this announcement and implementation of the policy, and strictly implement Asking system, and other one-time inform the service system, through multiple channels and ways to inform eligible taxpayers, the implementation of preferential policies to drop the fine to ensure that delay payment of tax policy should know make known, should be slow to make slow, entitlement enjoy.

Refinement of initiatives to ensure accurate landing policy. Taking into account the specific circumstances of the enterprise and epidemic prevention and control situation, Xining City, the Inland Revenue Department to quickly establish a special coordination mechanism, a clear division of labor within the organization policy training, the use of large tax data, accurate combing manufacturing enterprise, district (county) Inland Revenue Department as a unit establish a "delaying payment of" micro-channel business group, responsible for the formulation of mechanisms and tax administrator assistance of someone, the first time by telephone, text messaging, micro-channel, electronic and other forms of Inland revenue, the taxpayer push manufacturing small and medium micro enterprises to delay payment of tax policy, combined with the actual situation of the preparation of "tips."

When enterprise reporting, do the household contact in place, one to one business counseling detailed and accurate declaration of enjoyment, strengthening post-tracking management, daily communication with the enterprise, query reporting details of the case, good delaying tax (fee) payment ledger records to ensure that enterprises should make slow slow.

Qinghai Shuo Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a set of stainless steel processing and installation as one of the manufacturers, the impact of raw materials have risen by epidemic coupled with recruitment difficulties, which causes financial pressure, can not pay taxes on time.

At this point, Seongbuk tax cadres through micro-channel group chat, video coaching way for businesses to defer payment of taxes propaganda policy, help companies through the "winter."

"Because the impact of the epidemic, many of us had to temporarily stop operations, corporate income substantially reduced compared to the previous flow of capital difficult.

See tax officials push manufacturing small and medium micro enterprises to delay payment of tax incentives, all of a sudden reduce the pressure! "Master Cheung Ltd. Qinghai tax agent Wang said.

"For manufacturing small and medium micro enterprises to delay payment of the fourth quarter of 2021 partially tax incentives, we defer the payment of the whole enterprise million in taxes.

"Qinghai Tibetan crystal beads High-tech Industrial Co., Ltd. Financial Shenwen Bing said, near the end of the quarter, the company funds to pay greater demand area west of Xining City, the Inland Revenue Department for the first time organizers companies explain in detail via video counseling delaying payment of the policy, and for enterprises to apply for a deferred payment of tax matters.

"Holdover stage tax policy in the short term to ease the financial pressure production companies, provided funding for the post-production and management, innovation and development, stimulate the vitality of enterprises to a certain extent.

In the case of the current affected by the epidemic, this is indeed good news alleviate difficult predicament. "In this new Qinghai East Industrial Co., Ltd. Lu Yan, chief financial officer at the Inland Revenue Department successfully handled electronic holdover.