“Naninani!!How is this going!”Mouri Kogoro watched the two suddenly fighting and some inexplicable dealings:“Don’t fight,Isn’t it just hitting someone?,Can i apologize!!”

“He is wanted!!”Tang Ze yelled immediately,“help!”
Hear this,Asama’s struggle is even crazier,He slammed his head against Tang Ze’s face behind him,At the same time, his right elbow was severely chiseled behind him。
But because of the disadvantages, Asama can organize a counterattack,How could Tang Ze not move?。
When he pressed it on the wall,Know that the right hand part of the opponent can move,Before gouge with Asama’s right elbow,He pressed Asama’s right arm tightly,Imprisoned its offensive on the wall。
While blocking the elbow,Tang Ze bent his legs down to avoid the head mallet,The shoulder hit Asama’s back hard.。
A loud noise made on the wall again,Tang Ze’s attack was extremely vicious,At the moment of the outbreak, there is no recovery at all,Like a chariot that has stepped on the accelerator,Just like that, the whole body’s strength burst into it。
And Asama’s head hit the wall hard,The body is also in severe pain。
And until this time,Kogoro Mouri just stepped here,I just pressed the opponent’s shoulder,The two put it down,Pressed on the ground。
Tang Ze yelled,Conan immediately found the holster with handcuffs on Tang Ze’s waist,Handed it to Tang Ze。
After backhanding the opponent,Tang Ze was relieved now。
“Tang Ze Criminal,Are you OK?How is this going?”
When Xiaolan heard the movement and Conan went out,I saw the fight between the two,Also heard Tang Ze’s roar,But then Mouri Kogoro rushed up to subdue the opponent,So Xiaolan has no chance。
But what makes her a little dazed is,What happened was a bit too abrupt,No signs at all,A little overwhelming。
“That’s right,Tang Ze Criminal,What the hell is going on?”Mouri Kogoro also asked aloud:“You said he is wanted?what is happening?”
“Some time ago there was a robber who was driven away by the head of the jewelry store,Called Asama Anji,You should have heard of it?”