“indeed,Suspicions are magnified a little bit,If Xiaolan is really suspicious,Then I’m a little bit out of style,Doesn’t match the behavior of elementary school students,Will magnify in her eyes。”

Tang Ze looked at Conan and complained:“And I’m not surprised even if you are suspected。
Daily life,But when you happen to be a case,It’s violent everywhere!
Encountered a murder,Normal elementary school students are scared and crying,There is no one like you,Don’t cry and run away,Even scouring the body。
Just go up,Prevaricate the past with the little ghost detective game,The key is to point out clues like no one else,More conspicuous than Mori Kogoro,To be honest, you are lucky not to be found。”
Hear Tang Ze’s crazy complaints,Conan was also a little embarrassed.:“Is a problem,I try to be careful not to be too mature…”
Tang Ze rolled his eyes at this,Express huh。
You need to be able to change it,That’s weird!
“Anyway,It’s better to take precautions,It’s best to find a chance to show up for both of you。”
After Tang Ze Tucao finished,Look to Conan to suggest:“Just find another chance to ask your mother to return to neon,How about playing you again?”
“Yep,Really a problem,If you can’t solve it early,Like you said,My uncoordinated behavior will become bigger and bigger in Xiaolan’s eyes。”
Conan pondered for a moment and said:“It should be the school festival soon,I’ll ask my mother to come over and play me again。”
“Yep,pretty good idea。”
See guide success,Reached the goal I wanted,Tang Ze nodded in satisfaction。