Watching new life come,This beautiful scene,Tang Ze and others couldn’t help but smile。

Done this,Everyone didn’t stay any longer,Hattori and He Ye drove back to Osaka overnight to report safety to their parents,And Xiaolan and others also took Conan home。
Ayako also bid farewell to Tang Ze,Take the garden home and sleep at ease。
As for Tang Ze,After washing in the room,But the most spiritual one!
no way,It’s time to miss the lottery again,And because the case is serious,Tang Ze has a hunch that the reward this time will be very good。
With anticipation,Tang Ze directly opened the panel。
【The world of clowns】
【In-depth analysis of the principal offender’s psychological state,Profile level increased by one year。】
【Congratulations to the host for getting300Fate point】
【Congratulations to the host for acquiring all professional skills(5year)】
【Congratulations to the host for winning the next ten consecutive draw,Main occupational skills、Occupational Skills、The chance of obtaining combat skills has been greatly increased。】
Although this case did cause Tang Ze and others to work hard,The situation was very critical,Let Tang Ze and the others run around in Tokyo,But it’s worth seeing the harvest at this moment!
The first is the autonomous improvement of profile level,Sure enough, the truth is true,The level of the case has risen quickly。
Needless to mention fate,The reward for the big head this time is five skill points.!
Whether it is added to the main professional skills or combat skills,That’s a step up!
But Tang Ze doesn’t plan to focus on one skill,Because some plans he designed,It needs certain skills to support it to proceed smoothly。