I don’t know how scared she is,She stared at me, who was sitting cross-legged,Is there a snake below?

Look down quickly,As a result, I almost fainted at this sight!
Why am I floating more than two feet above the ground!No wonder the body is so light!No wonder my head feels dizzy!It turned out that I was floating!!
I don’t know if I should be happy or scared!No language can express my complicated mood now!Can only be expressed in one word,That’s me rub!
Su Mei’s eyes widened, Dan Feng looked at me,Her expression is frightened, surprised, joyful and worried,Trembling for a long time and asked:”Zhao Pu,Did your suspension come from eating fruit??“
I quickly make a long story short,Tell me the previous experience of Heiguo,Su Mei exclaimed:”I know!Why does that bastard value fruit so much!Because they also know the power of this fruit!!Xiaolong just told you not to take the fruit out,It seems that he also knows the inside story!“
Just when we were surprised,Xiaolong suddenly**stand up,I quickly got up,Unexpectedly, the suspended state has not disappeared,I am walking towards the dragon as if walking on a cloud,I was shocked。
Su Mei quickly turned to Xiaolong,Weak little dragon**stand up:”water,I want to drink。“
Su Mei took out the water bottle,And took a few mouthfuls with his mouth,Xiaolong’s eyes slowly opened,I tried my best to stabilize my body,But the levitation force isolated me from the ground,I had to squat down,Pull up the grass to cover yourself,This way Xiaolong can’t see the floating situation。
Xiaolong looked at us in confusion for a long time before he woke up,He smiles hard:“Sorry, sister Mei, Brother Zhao,I didn’t expect to hurt you。”
Su looked at him intently:“Xiaolong,You try to see if the wound hurts?”
Xiaolong nodded,He moved his leg slightly,Suddenly a surprised expression appeared on his face:“How is this going?My legs seem to be fine!”
He sat up slowly,I looked at myself to restore my new skin,Shocked:“How is this going?I clearly remember that the bastard stabbed me on Zhou Qi!Why the wound is gone?”
Su Mei gave me a grin,Then to Xiaolongdao:‘Didn’t you see the yellow fruit earlier??“
Xiaolong looked at me nervously:”how?You also know the value of the fruit?It’s just a pity,Such precious things,Brother Zhao actually gave that bastard!“
I haven’t replied,Su Mei replied:”Xiaolong, don’t be like this,It’s just a fruit,What’s so strange,I’ll pick some more for you, sister,And don’t worry,Your Brother Zhao is a big fruit producer,He gave that bastard one,I still have one in my hand!“
Xiaolong was trembling with excitement:”Brother Zhao,Is what Meimei said true??Where is the other fruit?Can you show me?”
Su Mei laughed:“Where is the fruit?Your Brother Zhao used it to heal you,He ate the rest,Now people are still flying up to be immortals!”
Xiaolong was shocked:’Brother Zhao,How can you do this?Do you know how precious the fruit is?You actually used me to heal my wounds?Too bad!”