They finished the commercial,I also received a gift from the manager of the underwear department of Aiman。

Two sets of spring and summer new underwear……
It can be regarded as income other than brand promotion fees。
This beautiful emotion,Until the game highlights of the strongest idols were broadcast on the Internet and TV media……Just stopped abruptly……
Because during the broadcast,Whether it’s a thousand degrees of search volume,Or the discussion index on WeChat or related posts on Weibo,Only one person is Yiqi Juechen,Get rid of at least three positions of their real draft players。
Who is this person?
The villain we deserve,Mai Fan。
The film crew brought Mai Fan into the scene in slow motion+backgroundBGMThe way,Put it on the beginning of the draft。
For the sponsors of this show……How tall it is。
result,The little girls lying in front of the TV and computer……
Facing Mai Fan, he started to scream。
Those who engage in entertainment drafts never know,How destructive is really high, rich and handsome to the girls in reality。
Even people who don’t eat Mai Fan’s face,It is also easy to be attracted by his rich second-generation background。
Plus,This rich second generation,And a good figure,Shoulder wide waist thin long legs!
This rich second-generation wears a special taste。
Slim suit white shirt。
inVIPThe leg is tilted on the seat,Lacquered leather shoes,There was a cold and ascetic glow in the light。