I stand in the wooden house,My face was painful by the violent mountain breeze that came in,Look around the room,The candle was quickly blown out by the swirling mountain wind,Return to darkness and silence,I am full of doubts,Who built this wooden house??Did someone live here before??

Chapter Fifty One Iron box secret
To the woodpile by the black iron stove,I found a fine wood to light it in the fire,Then light up the candle on the table,The cozy view of the wooden house is as if dreaming,I feel that these are too unreal。
I searched the cabin carefully,I found a few orange iron boxes hidden under the bed,The box looks very old,There is a black yin and yang fish pattern on it,There is a string of black text under the pattern,Kawakami Ju Family Club1985year4month25day。
Each iron box is about the same size as those trolley boxes for luggage,Heavy inside,I don’t know what it is。
What surprised me was that string of text,Is this thing Japanese??Look at the furnishings of the wooden house,Especially the shape of the black iron stove,It’s more of a strong Japanese style!
I have seen that stuff,A few years ago, I went to Japan with a delegation,I have seen such a thing in the Japanese countryside,It is not the same as the Beijing stove in China,It is an ellipse,A low stove with no iron table on it。
Behind the stove is an iron pipe,Iron pipe runs directly through the roof,Below the stove is an iron drawer for cleaning the ashes,This kind of stove is very convenient to clean up,And it doesn’t take up much space,The biggest advantage of this thing is its high heat,And it’s ok to burn coal and wood。
There is a small iron cabinet by the fire,There are a lot of cooking utensils and chopsticks inside,Neatly organized,Looks very clean。
I didn’t expect to find little Japan’s stuff on this isolated island!
This discovery shocked me,Consider all the previous discoveries,I think there is a problem with this island!
The first is the passenger ship survivor who went missing before,Then there is the mysterious wooden spear and black skeleton,Then this mysterious wooden house appeared,These clues are messy,All seem important,But it cannot form a related chain。